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A sad apartment comes to life – quite literally!

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MORTAR POT nuリノベーション Ruang Keluarga Minimalis
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Tokyo, with its dazzlingly-lit skyscrapers, beautiful cherry trees and enthralling anime has attracted us today to explore its ultramodern and traditional delights. And in Shibuya, a special ward in Tokyo, we chanced upon this compact and minimalistic apartment called Mortar Pot. Originally, it was just a basic abode with adequate storage spaces, but it lacked life and charm. It called out for some simple but cosy furnishings, brilliant lighting, and a refreshing decor theme which would stand out in the done-to-death brick and mortar design schemes of urban living. So the restoration and renovation experts at Nu Renovation ushered in the magic of nature-friendly decor in this bland and uninspiring apartment, for a visual impact that will stun you! The new abode is now an oasis of rejuvenation – read on to learn why…

Before: bare, ordinary living space

The dark wooden floor and white walls had nothing new to offer in terms of design uniqueness. The quarters were simple, basic but without any personality or zest. So here’s what the renovation professionals did…

After: concrete and green

The new concrete flooring spells out 'industrial chic' in capitals in the revamped living space. As you can see, the kitchen and living areas have been integrated according to the scheme followed in most modern dwellings. Sleek wooden furnishings contrast against the pale grey floor and white walls nicely, adding warmth to the ambiance. But what took our breath away is the clever addition of large potted plants, which freshen up the indoor air with their lush leaves.

Before: practical but dull

The apartment came with built-in closets which are extremely useful for organisational needs. But every corner seemed gloomy, cold and unwelcoming.

After: a brand new way of living

It is hard to believe that this is the same residence we saw before. A sensible and minimalistic kitchen in shiny chrome and wood takes up some space on the right, and looks over the extremely lively living area. The quirky dining arrangement with its seating combination of chairs and stools sits on the left, and is adorned by a wooden bird. The profusion of indoor plants infuses this space with a rejuvenating vibe which connects you better with nature. These greens invite you to stop and smell the roses, while taking a break from the rat race. The focused lights on the ceiling cast a cosy but powerful glow over the entire setting below.

After: tropical bliss

The living space is almost ensconced by greenery on all sides. Verdant shrubs in large planters have changed the original boring aura of the space drastically. The wall on the left is almost entirely composed of sliding glass doors leading to the balcony. So, naturally, oodles of sunlight flood the room during the day and help the plants to grow quickly.

After: small but stylish bathroom

With honeycomb-patterned tiles lining its floor, walls and even the tub, this compact but smart bathroom looks elegant. A half-wall separates the washbasin area from the sleek bathtub and comes fitted with sensible rods to hang towels. The fixtures are sleek, contemporary, and the mirror cabinet is a very useful addition as it kills two birds with one stone. The grey caddy under the basin holds dirty laundry, while the green candleholders add a dash of pizzazz to the setting.

The environmentally-friendly home makeover we just saw has left us impressed with its simplicity and freshness! We hope you got to glean some great ideas from here too. Take a look at another transformation story here for some more ideas: The astonishing transformation of a bare home.

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