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Closets for those with small homes but great taste

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Admit it, you've got clothes coming out the nose and never enough space in your smaller-sized home to stash a lifetime's worth of shirts, shoes, skirts, hats, socks, shorts, longs, three-quarter pants and party frocks. If you're tired or just plain embarrassed about your chronic abuse of the so-called floordrobe – for the uninitiated or less clothes shopping-prone, that's where the floor doubles up as an ad hoc wardrobe – then this neat collection of 13 fantastic closets and storage solutions is just the thing to help you organise your stylish stuff, ranging from the compact and practical to sartorial shrines that double as dressing rooms

Where princesses dress

DPS ltd.


DPS ltd.

The first example in this collection of closets for the small home speaks a regal language. Set underneath the eaves – always a difficult space when you need to make practical use of every square meter – a double-level clothes rack packed with the owner's prime pieces sits opposite open sliding drawers for speedy selection. Another set of built-in closed drawers with the same handsome wood finish, a comfortable embroidered silk chair and a chandelier completes the elegant look.

Come out of the closet…

… climb up the ladder and hop into bed. Alternatively, round the corner and pick today's jacket and sneaks from the easy-access, recessed clothes hanger zone and floor-level shoe rack, peruse your books and DVDs or do what you like to do best – rearrange everything for the hundredth time. This combination cabin bed and closet is perfect for the space-challenged apartment owner and clothes hoarder. 

Finite space but an infinity of stuff?

Dressing Room TG Studio Ruang Ganti Modern
TG Studio

Dressing Room

TG Studio

Appearances are deceiving in this clever walk-in closet set under the eaves of a loft apartment. Making fantastic use of a spot that is otherwise less-than-practical due to the pitch of the ceiling, the addition of mirrors at either end of the wardrobe gives the illusion of an infinite space for storage. Not quite true, but it's plenty better than your usual clothes rack and chest of drawers combo. Modern downlighting and skylights provide illumination for easy rummaging.  

The Zen of storage

Gwel an Treth Perfect Stays Ruang Ganti Modern
Perfect Stays

Gwel an Treth

Perfect Stays

This built-in wardrobe is one of the less ostentatious in this collection, yet its wooden finish, clean lines, perfectly balanced geometry are a Scandinavian design lover and neat freak's dream. Resembling a Japanese ideogram in its rigorous simplicity, an assortment of shelf sizes and tall clothes hanging spaces to either side mean no object or item of clothing finds itself homeless. 

Coat check

This moody, charcoal colored dressing room and closet combination brings a little touch of clubland to your home. An eye-catching trapezoidal clothes rack with shelving slung above and underneath lines one wall opposite twinned and ultra-modern sinks so you and your best can get chic together before heading out. 

Curtain up

One simple but solution to the problem of bedroom clutter is to simply shove all your clothes and bits and pieces under the bed. Just kidding. Do the right thing with this elegant storage solution that arranges clothes racks, shelving, a dressing table and ottoman for relaxed shoe-matching against a ceramic brick wall that contrasts nicely with the wood panelling above and behind the bed. The whole is kept out of sight when necessary by full-length velvet curtains in teal for an altogether theatrical effect. 

Stack up & button down

For this city-slicker with a thing for denim, storing skywards was the answer given the small size of the apartment's single bedroom. A two-tiered clothes rack doesn't exactly count as a closet or wardrobe but it is nonetheless an ingenious and simple solution for the shirt-shopping addict. 

Nooks, crannies & color

Besides a window that lets plenty of natural light into this serene white dressing room, there's hardly an inch that isn't devoted to closets, drawers, shelves and clothes hangers. Overhead cupboards, built right against the ceiling for maximum storage efficiency, are ideal for storing things you don't need to get to everyday, while a clothes rack mounted between the upper cupboards and a built-in chest of drawers below again makes the most of limited space and allows a splash of color some room to play. 

A room of your clothes' own

Sliding doors inspired by traditional Japanese domestic design divide this bedroom into two areas: the bedroom proper and a second room that doubles as a dressing room and walk-in wardrobe. Both rooms have large windows letting natural light into each space, rendering the storage and living spaces more or less equal. Here, if you're looking for something to wear you don't open the closet, you live in it. 

Dude, where's my cap?

This awe-inspiring – no, plain awesome – walk-in wardrobe has been transformed by the owner into a temple dedicated to his own inimitable sense of style. In terms of materials and construction this closet is bare-bones simple, open-framework pine shelving. Until you see the glass-topped coffin case for storing and displaying caps and accessories. It's a feature that you're more likely to see in a retail store than someone's home, but this is what makes this cool closet a rare kind of creature .

Classic moves for a modern closet

Another example of a closet accessed via sliding doors – ideal for compact or awkwardly shaped rooms – this storage solution works in the bedroom or living room and is suffused with a classical modernism that's as understated as it is practical. The only concession to showing off (something that clothes fanatics can't help) is the frosted glass door panel that teases with a glimpse of what's kept behind. 

More for less

Another super-simple example of modern closet design for smaller homes, this shelving unit is broken up by an embedded clothes rack and a floating, foursquare set of drawers for instant access and multiple possibilities for organizing and arranging all your valuable merch. Note that this wardrobe warrior couldn't settle for just one – there's another rack in the other section of the room. 

Not just your bedroom that's suffering from the small space blues? If you liked this set of closets, wardrobes, dressing rooms and clothes storage solutions you'll probably find your bathroom could benefit from these ideas!

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