Transforming the drab to fab

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Transforming the drab to fab

Leigh Leigh
Taman Gaya Rustic Oleh Stefani Arquitetura Rustic
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How many people have a space in their home that just sits empty or abandoned, when it could be used for floor space or even a recreation area for the family? These are spaces that could be used to enhance our well-being yet when they are neglected, they can become spaces that end up cluttered and crowded with objects and items. 

This was the situation of the back patio of a townhouse, made up of 55 square meters, situated in the north of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Sul, which has been completely redesigned by professionals Stefani Architects. They've created a gorgeous recreational space where the family can come together in a beautiful corner of the house.

Today homify presents you with an incredible renovation project that sees the transformation of the outdoor patio of a townhouse. The renovation has completely changed the family routine. The previous space was abandoned and unused. There was a lack of motivation when it came to maintaining the swimming pool. The design was also very impractical overall! The designers have turned this into the darling of the home, where the family would now prefer to spend time relaxing in this space with family and friends rather than heading down to the beach.

The architect, Luciana Stefani, also managed to find a fine balance between the functionality and comfort in this space.

Are you curious to check out of the transformation of the abandoned yard of a family home? Then follow us on a tour of the new, enchanting space with the solutions implemented by this talented team.

The darling of the house

It's hard to imagine that this gorgeous patio and family recreation area was once a space that was unused and abandoned, but this is true!

The swimming pool, which occupied almost the entire exterior space, had become a burden to the family over time because of the maintenance involved. The water had become dirty and old – a health hazard to the residents and the neighbors! The service area also didn't work for the family's needs.

This is why the renovation of this area was instrumental in the recovery of the home and the exterior space, transforming into a functional section of the home where family and friends could gather. 

As we can see in this image, the yard ended up becoming the postcard of the home!

Before and After

We can't deny how much we like to gather with our family and friends. It's synonymous with joy and celebration. But not every space is suitable for accommodating these types of get-togethers.

It is necessary that an outdoor space that will be used for family activities and entertainment features comfort as well as the adequate facilities and conditions, including security, good lighting and a clean and organized design.

In the before photo of this home, we can see that the recreational facilities of the home once existed but fell into disuse after many years. This space has become an abandoned dumping ground just outside of the kitchen. 

The image also shows the lack of space and conditions – there is no way you'd have a fun gathering here!

Gourmet space

Before the renovation, the family used to avoid using the patio as a recreational area. Weekends revolved around coming and going from the beach.

After the renovation, the revitalization of the space and the substantial improvement of the aesthetic and environmental quality turned this space into the darling of the house – a space that the family could be proud of.

Weekends on the coast are now spent in the company of family and friends in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen and dining area. This is a gourmet space, located in the fresh air.

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Wooden pergola

The wooden pergola is one of the new elements that was added to the space. It is both comfortable and functional. The wood used for the pergola is the same wood used around the outdoor hot tub. 

The pergola expands the floor area of the patio, giving a rustic touch to the environment. It also highlights the contemporary features. 

In the background, we can see some sun loungers – a space dedicated to the rest and relaxation of the family. They can even use this space on cold days with a cushy blanket!

The curtains attached to the pergola lend some privacy to the space as well as add a touch of personality, romanticism and elegance to the environment.

Have a look at this step-by-step guide for building your own pergola.

Barbeque grill

The old kitchen area was in desperate need of a breath of fresh air – and a barbeque!

The solution was to introduce light colors, which allow the washing machine to blend into the background of the design. The rustic stone barbeque stands out in contrast, along with the wooden shelves and the granite counter tops. These touches of contemporary decor, along with subtle forms of accessories and decoration throughout this space, are the cherry on top of a very chic design. 

The versatility and practicality of this space was very pleasing to the owners!


The care taken when it came to the revitalization of this space was so great that even the path that connects the house to the play area was redesigned. A walk along this path consists of stones, pebbles and delicious spices.

A green wall runs parallel to it, thanks to the myrtle and vines, which gives volume and exuberance to the environment. The integration of the nature into the design gives it a wonderful earthy look and feel. 

At night time, the garden is illuminated by floodlights that enhance every detail.

Hot tub

The main requirements of the owners was to replace the pool with a hot tub, because of how difficult they were finding it to maintain the pool, which had been abandoned.

The new hot tub is finished in the gorgeous wood that we saw used for the pergola, bringing in a very warm look and feel. It also adds functionality to the space and emphasizes the laid back nature of the residents. 

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