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20 dressers and closets ideal for small spaces

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Storage space is an essential part of keeping a home neat and tidy, and spaces like kids' room should be the epitome of organised and clean (in between play dates of course!). Teaching children at a young age to pack away their clothing in specific cupboards, store away shoes and toys and keep a tidy room is an important lesson, which will in turn guide them as an adult to value structure in their work and home. In this Ideabook we look at all storage spaces, from dressers and closets to cabinets and shelving. So regardless of the bedroom size, there is an alternative storage solution for your child’s room, whether it be simple and modern or stylish and funky.

1. Dressing table detail

This child's bedroom idea is simple yet stylish, with modern vanity mirror lights creating a mini-make up studio look. The room has more than enough cabinets and hangers to store any item of clothing, but just in case more storage space is required, wicker baskets and boxes have been incorporated into the room.

2. Simple wardrobe

This is a modern take on the regular old wooden closet, it fits perfectly into the room, while also being a fantastic choice for a small bedroom.

3. The multifunctional

A multifunction closet is the best way to utilise space available for storage and add a great piece of furniture to a room too. This one blends into the décor of the room perfectly.

4. One for the men

In this example, the closet is suited more for a teenage or young adult male. The darker wooden shades, structured space and masculine imprint are meticulous and simple. A tasteful decor choice that will remain trendy for years to come.

5. Altogether in a space

This bedroom serves as the sleeping area and storage space, which is why it is important that the décor and the cupboards match perfectly, allowing the storage to be integrated into the design.

6. Something invisible

This wardrobe idea is perfectly fitted into the space available in the hallway, and its minimalist and seamless design makes it almost invisible, it’s a great way to store off-season clothes or can even be a great linen closet.

7. Smart space

The lack of space in a room doesn’t mean that the room should look cramped an untidy, this is a perfect and practical example of how space can be utilised in studio apartments or urban living spaces.

8. Sleek and seamless

This trendy example of décor perfect showcases how minimalist design can be elegant and effortless, and with no door handles, these cupboard doors are perfectly seamless too.

9. Easy to organise

This hanging closet space is easy and simple to organise and keep tidy.

10. Use the walls

This small closet is no problem for storage, by adding some cute hooks such as these on the walls makes a great place to store handbags and jackets.

11. Closet in the living room

Why not have a closet in the living room? It’s a fantastic way to make use of space available and by painting the cupboards the same colours as the walls it will looks simple and stylish.

12. Lights and colour

A mirror and good lighting is always necessary in a bedroom and this unique and original design is perfectly stylish. 

13. Retractable

Retractable coat hooks such as this, is a clever storage idea and a great use of space.

14. Textured approach

This perfectly customised closet is a great way to make a minimalist bedroom decor elegant and attractive, why not give your creativity a chance with some colourful prints, acrylics, vinyls and stencils and make something unique?

15. Corner spaces

Add some clever storage that is integrated into design and you will have something unique, sleek, modern and stylish.You may need to contact a professional joiner to recreate these cabinets in style.

16. A bit of glitz

This idea makes use of all corners along with sensational lighting to make your closet space come alive, add in some glitz and glamour to boot and your closet is chic and appealing.

17. Adapt and design

This closet and storage area may not be the typical option for a home,  but quirky ideas such as these definitely take full advantage of the space, from hangers and drawers to extra closet space too, use your attic to its storage potential.

18. Vintage luxury

This is a fantastic way to stylishly decorate a bedroom while also neatly storing clothing and essentials in a vintage style dressing room. The floor sweeping curtains creates a private space that is luxurious and sophisticated.

19. Accessories

This closet is perfectly coordinated in every way, from the simple use of colour to the contemporary style, it perfectly displays that minimalist style can be fashionable too.

20. Basic effect

We have come to the end of our Ideabook, but before we end off we need to appreciate the most basic and simple aspects of decor. The neutral colour of a white closet and the effect that it can have on creating a soothing and spacious bedroom is just sensational. Here are: 6 tips your kid would love in their bedroom.

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