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The perfect closet: 10 inspiring ideas

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Storage, style, and practical design are the three key components of a closet, and boy do these ten closets have some brilliant ideas for all three. Whether you need the perfect dressing room with storage for your shoe collection, or whether you need a simple minimalist wardrobe that has just enough space, these ten closets will give you some serious inspiration. Did we mention that one of these closets has the perfect solution for the women who like to toss their purse on the nearest surface? Take a look at these brilliant designs with us! 

1. The Little Stylish Corner

Just because a closet is a practical space, doesn't mean that it can't also be a stylish space! Consider making your closet a bright white space that has textured accessories like the carpet and wall paintings in this stunning closet. 

2. Under the Bed

A truly useful closet makes sue of space that would otherwise remain under-utilized. This under-the-bed closet is a perfect example. It adds function to this minimalist room and makes getting dressed in the morning simple. 

3. Elegant Dressing Room

Forget closet doors, a thick curtain makes a huge impact and is more convenient. Your closet will feel comfortable and elegant, and your bedroom will feel more stylish even when the curtain is pulled closed. Consider adding an elegant chandelier in the closet to complete the look. 

4. The Pop-Out

For those of us on the shorter side, a tall closet can be more trouble than its worth. This handy solution pulls the top clothing down where you can reach, and it makes shifting through the clothes a little easier, without the restrictions of the closet walls. 

5. Perfect in Pink

This wonderful closet area is stunning in pink and shows all of the things of personalization that was very well-planned. You want your closet to have properly sized nooks that make the most of your space. This closet was designed for a hat collection, with shelves just tall enough for each special hat. Then there's the larger spots for the travel cases on the bottom, where they're easy to access. 

6. Shoe Solution

This is one brilliant storage spot for your shoes! You can grab them easily while you're sitting down on the steps, and the long space provided by the stairs means that you can fit a few pairs on each rung. You'll want to talk to some cabinet professionals to install these for you, to make sure that the stairs remain properly supported. 

7. Purse Hooks

These simple modern hooks are perfect for hanging up your purse collection and they make for a great spot to hang your every-day bag when you come home from work. The simple circular design fits in with modern and minimalist styles and keeps the closet looking cute! 

8. Texture!

The doors of this wardrobe look amazing, with an intricate design in simple white, combined with a warm touch of wood. It looks well-designed, sleek, and like just the right size for the owner's clothes. The rest of this simple closet space is well-chosen as well, with just enough space for the owner's most-used items, so that nothing looks overcrowded. 

9. The Closet with Everything

This closet has been outfitted with a desk at which you could put on makeup and style your hair. The lighting around the mirror ensures there's enough light. The stylish drawers in the background would look great if you were filming a make-up tutorial in here, too! If you just can't get enough dressing-room ideas take a peek through hundreds of our stylish closet spaces right here

10. The Attic Closet

There's a growing trend of putting closets in attics and we love the idea! Clothing rails fit nicely beneath slanted ceilings and dressing rooms don't need a very big space to be functional. You can put in floor-to-ceiling drawers on one side of the attic to provide for plenty of storage. Consider these stylish mirror drawers too, they can small attic spaces feel larger. 

Need some more home design tips? Check out our top five ideabooks of the week for more decor tips, inspiring kitchens, and homes that co-exist with nature! 

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