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8 simple steps to a clutter-free wardrobe

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Your wardrobe is a magnet for mess. When we look at spaces in our homes that accrue and accumulate junk, the closet is unquestionably number one. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself when you decide to de-clutter your robe or dressing room. Firstly, would you buy the item if you were shopping right now? This tends to be a good indication of whether something should be retained or removed.

As well as clothing, our wardrobes often hold numerous other odds and ends that can contribute to the chaotic clutter that collects. There are plenty more ways you can keep your space neat and tidy, while busting the junk and unnecessary debris from your home. Read on below to learn more, and spend this weekend donating, repurposing, cleaning, auditing and eliminating.

Step 1

Start from scratch

First things first, you should pull absolutely everything out of your closet. This is essential in ensuring nothing goes unnoticed or slips through the de-cluttering cracks. This might seem as though it is creating more mess (you've got to get dirty to get clean!), but is an essential organisational step. 

If even this step has you feeling out of your depth, you can always consult a professional to help you along the way. 

Step 2

Pull out everything that doesn't belong

Once everything is out in the open, away from the hidden corners and nooks of your robe, you should pull out everything that doesn't need to be there. This includes papers, letters, tax information, bank statements and other non-clothes related odds and ends. Put them to the side, they will need a new home, and to be organised separately. 

Step 3

Categorise and audit

Separate all of your clothing into different piles and sections. Shoes in one corner of your room, shirts in the other. By categorising everything, you will be able to see what needs to go, what is taking up the most room, and what you would like to keep. 

Step 4

The 80/20 rule… use it!

The 80/20 rule has been a mainstay in the de-clutterer's tool kit for some time now. It basically means that we only wear approximately 20 percent of our wardrobe. Think about it. How many items do you actually wear on a daily basis, and how many sit there unused? Remove anything you haven't worn in a long time (fabulous evening wear excluded!), and toss it in the donate pile. 

When you hang everything back up, turn the hangers around the opposite way. Any items with the hanger still facing backwards after a month can also go. 

Step 5

Make a place for everything

As well as ensuring you donate, throw away and reduce your closet clutter, you should also look at the closet itself. Do you have enough storage space? How could your wardrobe be enhanced? Invest in good cabinetry and storage accessories to make you life easier in the long run. 

Step 6

Schedule a regular audit routine

To keep your closet happy and clean, dedicate 20 minutes a week to taking a peek inside, and removing anything that is clogging up the space, or has been dumped unnecessarily. 

Step 7

Employ the 'put one in, take one out' rule

Another rule you need to know, this will help you keep your organised, stylistically up to date, and trendy closet going. When you purchase something, take something out as well (donate, sell, throw away). This will prevent hoarding, and ensure your robe is neat and tidy. 

Step 8

Reward yourself for your actions

Hey, all of that cleaning has to come with some rewards, right? Give yourself a pat on the back by purchasing something you've always wanted for your bedroom, or simply head out with friends for a nice meal. 

Want more decorating, de-cluttering and style advice? Check out: 8 ways to keep your apartment organised

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