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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Ruang Keluarga Modern
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This stunning, serene home, located in the Japanese countryside has been brought to us by Nobuyoshi Hayashi of Nagoyacity. Resting peacefully amidst lush, green woodlands, the home brings together traditional materials such as wood and stone to create a warm and calming energy.

From the outset the use of both of these elements is striking, with stone slabs placed together to form an artistic, jagged stairway leading to the front door and smooth, polished timber slats peeping out from behind the home's façade. Upon entrance the use of wood is carried right through the interior of the house, adorning the floors, walls and ceilings and evoking a sense of traditional luxury.

The styling is simple and unique, with furnishing kept modern and comfortable. A long banquet table provides the focal point of the living area, balancing the space and leading the gaze outward toward a peaceful courtyard. 

Let's take a tour and bask in the soothing atmosphere of this beautiful abode!

Simple and intriguing

Behind the magnificent glow of red autumn leaves the home basks in a humble, intriguing air. Stone and timber partitions provide some privacy as visitors and passers-by peek up the gravel driveway. The stone slabs forming the front steps, alongside the accompanying partitions, evoke a sense of tradition and present an immediate point of interest as a design feature.

The wooden slats of the fence, front door and roof emerge from behind the facade and introduce one of the most prevalent themes of this design, with wooden finishes forming a large part of the home's internal character.

Embracing entryway

Upon entering we are immediately embraced by rustic, timber slats adorning the door, ceiling and floor of the home and featured in the classic elegance of the credenza. The leaves strewn across the threshold are a reminder of the natural environs surrounding this serene property, as are the decorative pebbles, pine cones and ceramic mushrooms atop the credenza.

A stunning, moss-green glass light illuminates the space, referencing the shape and style of traditional paper lanterns but constructed with impressive craftsmanship.

Expansive and balanced

Warmed by the wooden finishes, the living area of the home soothes in deep, brown tones. The central dining table balances the room, with soft lighting providing a calming ambience. 

The sheen of black leather lends a sophisticated air to the space, while the decorative tiles and translucent windows evoke maturity and character. The furnishings are an interesting combination of old and new, with the vintage banquet table dressed up by the more modern, black leather seating and sofa. 

High ceilings

This lofty view showcases the use of wood throughout the home, which stretches all the way up to the ceilings and walkway. A black, spiral staircase provides access to the upper levels, and the brimming bookshelf by its side adds a sense of personal character to the room. 

White surfaces interspersed throughout the space lighten the darker, brown tones, providing a point of contrast from the prevalence of the rustic wood and allowing for greater illumination.

View from above

Looking downwards we seeing how the living area also blends into the courtyard beyond, with chic, black ties delineating a sheltered space for outdoor living, and heavy curtains included across the sliding doors to seal the interior when needed. 

Framing the tiles is a playground of rocks, sand and shrubbery – a traditional garden borne of the Japanese woodlands.

Cosy courtyard

This vantage gives a sense of the calm, relaxed character of this beautiful home, with the stunning courtyard constituting the perfect locale to sit quietly with a book and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

The leather chair is modern and stylish while the stained glass of the rustic, white door adds a sense of country history to the space. Sunshine flows through the expansive patio doors, playing a game of light and shadow upon the soft, wooden finishes. 

Stone, Wood and Light

The striking symmetry of the home is showcased beautfully from this perspective, as the wooden surfaces are bathed in warm light, creating a lovely sense of space and texture. The steady lines of the woodgrain guide our gaze to the busy bookshelf beyond and the mysterious black of the spiral steps. 

The home is a harmonious combination of simple, rustic and sophisticated design, and a lively setting for a young family to enjoy the peaceful surrounds of the countryside.

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