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10 things people with a clean house always do

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Everyone knows that perpetually tidy human. They’re neat, they’re methodical, and their homes look immaculate. How do they do it? We’ve devised, brainstormed, planned and pondered, and have come up with the 10 things that people with tidy houses always do. Is your home lacking order, feeling messy, or full of domestic odds and ends? Is it cluttered and unbearable, or simply impossible to keep tidy?

From setting regular routines, to always thinking ahead, there are plenty of tips, tricks and clues, which are sure to help you keep your abode flawless, uncluttered and orderly. So, read on below, take heed of our hints, and guarantee your dwelling is stylishly clean, sophisticated and spotless!

1. They add shelves

If you live in a small home, you might want to consider using your wall space to add vital storage space to your dwelling. Hang shelves anywhere on the walls, and choose a colour or hue to fit your home's colour scheme. 

2. They keep their entrance and hall de-cluttered

Tidy people know the benefits of a neat and organised entrance, and now you do too! Is your entry, corridor or hallway messy? Take some time and give it a complete once-over, and ensure everything is stored away in its own dedicated place.

3. They store non-essentials out of sight

Essentially, it is fine to keep some accessories in plain sight, but for the most part, everything that is not essential to your daily life should be stored away. Neat and tidy people incorporate the right storage solutions, and employ accessories (like the one above) that double as a place to keep domestic miscellany. 

4. They keep their office organised

It's okay to keep your office accessories in view, as long as they are organised. Ensure your desk is free from paper and clutter after each use, to create a functional and stylish space. 

5. They use every available space for storage

There are often plenty of places to store household odds and ends that go unnoticed. Tidy people know all of the hidden areas in their homes, and employ them surreptitiously. Take stock of the spots you don't know you have. Look at bookshelves, drawers and other hidden spots, organising them, and ensuring they are perfect for keeping your bits and pieces. 

6. They add a space for all their cherished items

Being tidy doesn't mean you need to get rid of your cherished items. Organised people create special areas for all of their essentials and meaningful pieces. You might find you need to keep everything in storage, and then slowly rotate items for display. This way your home stays minimal, organised, with a hint of personality and character. 

7. They keep everything organised, ordered and categorised

Categorise, order and audit! Keep everything together in a logical and common sense fashion. This will make it easier to find things, and prevent time wastage. 

8. They fold their clothes

This is something we could all learn a thing or two about. When putting clothes away, remember to neatly fold them, and hang where necessary. Instead of shoving sweaters onto shelves, take a little time and do the job properly – it will make finding your desired item much easier in the long run. 

9. They employ the right storage

This gorgeous designer space is definitely a step in the right direction. You are going to have a huge issue keeping your home clean, if you don't have the correct setup in the first place. Look at your house or apartment's storage, and ensure there are enough drawers, cupboards and cabinets. 

10. They focus on their wardrobe in a logical fashion

The dressing room and wardrobe are areas that can be extremely difficult to keep clean and tidy. Think logically and organise everything with a common sense approach. Pair your knitwear, jewellery, and add drawer tidies to make sure everything is accessible. 

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