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10 things people with a clean house always do

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Some people just always seem to have a spotless home and it's always the ones that claim not to have a cleaner, isn't it? It's enough to drive you mad! 

Well, if you've been wondering how their hallways always wow and their bedrooms are never a mess, read on because we've got some little secrets to let you in on.

You won't believe how simple and sneaky some of these solutions are, but they're yours for the using so hop to it!

1. Keep a clean hallway

If nothing else, tidy people will always have a clean hallway as you'll naturally assume the rest of the house is spotless too. 

Look out for hidden coat rooms!

2. Hide things out of view

These suitcases are a great feature, aren't they? Well, we bet they're filled to the brim with clutter and junk that the owners don't want out on show! 

3. Employ a lot of office storage stationery

Folders, files and magazine storage boxes all give the impression of some serious organisation even if there's no rhyme or reason to the layout.

It's all about perception!

4. Add storage to unusual places

You might not think that a fireplace is the perfect spot for some storage but you can't deny this bookshelves look great. 

They're so handy and you don't even notice the clutter on them!

5. Have wall shelves wherever possible

Adding shelves to your wall is a great way to display and simultaneously camouflage all your tat. Just remember that you'll have to dust whatever you have out!

6. Have designated places for everything

If everything has a nominated home it's easier to make sure it stays there. Take the time to decide where key items will always live and then make sure everybody else knows.

7. Keep like with like

If things look right together they don't look messy. Tidy people know this and seek to keep items with their nearest counterparts for that exact reason.

8. Fold clothes neatly

You might not see the value in taking the time to fold your clothes neatly. However, it will keep your wardrobe free of clutter and gives you an easy overview of what you have to wear.

9. Put drawers to good use

Small, fiddly items are what makes a space feel untidy so use drawers are a great small bedroom idea, hiding everything away and leaving the room feeling clear and minimal.

10. Have a logical wardrobe layout

You've got to start somewhere, so how about with a logically laid out wardrobe and an organisational system that makes sense to you?

For more tidiness tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Golden Rules Of Keeping Your Small Home Organised.

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