The country style - in every room!

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The country style – in every room!

Alissa Ugolini – homify UK Alissa Ugolini – homify UK
 Taman by Architects Scotland Ltd
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The country style is synonymous with a relaxed rural life. Although considered to be more on the casual side, country style homes can ooze with elegance and grace despite their laid back nature. For those who want to feel like they have retreated from city life every day, it is possible to bring the coveted country feel into your own home – wherever you are in the world! Perhaps it is the rolling plains of the British countryside that you miss, or the stone cottages of the south of France. Whatever holiday destination you desire, you can relive it over and over again.

As with any design trend, you do need to adhere to some simple guidelines, which we will outline below. This is to ensure that you create a clearly defined style, so that both you and your guests know exactly what you are trying to achieve. From the bathroom to the garden, we're going to show you how to bring the country style to life in your home. Take a look…

The kitchen

 Dapur by homify

A Traditional Country Kitchen


Stone walls and stunning country style details make this a kitchen to covet. With a view of the garden through the windows, you can feel inspired as you cook and create meals for yourself, your family or guests. The stunning workmanship has gone into the cabinetry and worktops is a marvel – the exposed wood grain adds a certain warmth and rawness to the space. Light filled and charming, this is a quintessential example of a country style kitchen. The heart of every home, it looks delicate and sturdy all at the same time. If your thoughts are anything like ours, we're imagining the smell of a roast or freshly baked loaf of bread permeating the space.

The living room

 Ruang Keluarga by Vanessa Rhodes Interiors
Vanessa Rhodes Interiors

Beautiful Feature Window into the Fields

Vanessa Rhodes Interiors

Bathed in natural light via the beautiful archway is this serene and calm living or sitting room. Leather chairs and given a rustic touch with the blue tartan cushions and high gloss furniture. The tree in the corner is an interesting element, reminding us that outside these very windows that nature is there ready to be explored. The antique furniture in the foreground further adds to the appeal and charm, making this a wonderful space to snuggle up under a blanket or relax in the soft glow of daylight with a good book.

The bedroom

 Kamar Tidur by Simone Barker Interiors
Simone Barker Interiors

Welcoming Family Home

Simone Barker Interiors

This scene is so cosy and inviting we think if we jumped into that bed, we may never get out! Elegant and dreamy, this bedroom embodies all the features of the country style. The curvaceous headboard, antique furniture and feminine decorative elements such as the gold mirror and floral bedspread make this a room where dreams can be had and created. The key is to keep the colour palette neutral and subdued, almost erring on the side of earthy. The most bold detail is the pastel lilac walls, which as you can see, are hardly bold at all.

The bathroom

 Kamar Tidur by Hale Brown Architects Ltd
Hale Brown Architects Ltd

The master bedroom and ensuite

Hale Brown Architects Ltd

No country home would be complete without extending the trend into the bathroom. Sure, it may not be the first style that comes to mind when you are renovating, but we assure you a country or rustic looking bathroom is anything but antiquated. In fact, it can look fresh and cosy all at the same time. Unwind in the bath to the warm glow provided by the yellow lights, and feel as though you are in your very own exclusive spa retreat with the exposed wooden rafters on the roof. It's the finer details that make up this space and separate it from being just any old bathroom. They key to bringing country into your bathroom is to pay attention to the little elements – make it inviting by using rich textures such and of course, choosing the all important free-standing bathtub!

The patio

Stepping outside on the patio or veranda, we see this elegant country style seating situation. Whether this is to enjoy a cup of tea as the sun rises, or a glass of wine in the cool of the evening, this is the perfect space to relax in both solitude and in good company. Ample shade means that the space is great for the summer months we are prone to want to escape city life, but is even wonderful to watch the rain or snow gently fall. All seasons can be enjoyed to the very best of their ability from a patio like this in a truly relaxed and idyllic setting.

Elements which are important to an outdoor country space are the following:

- Ornate iron seating (pictured above)

- Wicker furniture

- Antique details such as sundials and birdbaths

- Stone, brick or gravel paving materials

Stick to these, and you'll be all set!

The garden

 Taman by Cherry Mills Garden Design
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country style gardens are romantic; desired to illicit feelings of getting lost amongst the lush greenery. Maintained, yet not over done, the feeling is still to remain relaxed and unwound. This elegant archway adds an element of mystery, we are now nothing short of curious to know what lies ahead. Perhaps you don't have a space as large as this to play with? That's OK. You can create the same effect even in a courtyard situation by simply using the lattice effect to either grow climbing plants, or create distinction between different outdoor zones.

Ready to design and plan your own country style home? We hope so! To get more inspiration, check out the following ideabooks:

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