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Every Brit's dream home conversion

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Introducing modern technologies and conveniences to homes with heritage significance can be tricky. By their very nature, these modern features contrast against the style of these buildings, so their impact must always be considered. 

Admitting their lack of experience and knowledge in the subject, the owners of this period home wisely contacted professional planners. Thanks to their guidance, a successful conversion brought the best aspects of a modern build, without degrading the existing fabric of the home. 

The results speak for themselves…  

Respect for the past

Interior designers from Blankstone have done a fantastic job updating this family home. The talented team spent a significant amount of time consulting the owners to find out exactly what they wanted to change during their home renovation

Blankstone's approach was always guided by a respect for the building's original features and heritage qualities. Despite considerable alterations being made to the layout and interior finishes, these were all undertaken in a way that brought positive improvements to the historic dwelling. 

Waiting for furniture

Captured shortly after the last coat of paint had been applied to the walls and ceiling, the front living room is back to its best.

Minus the wooden flooring, very little was changed within this charming scene. Now, the owners have the fun task of re-decorating their lounge, which is looking rather bare. 

Perhaps a new collection of furniture is in order!

In with the new

The old kitchen has been done away with. In its place is a modern cooking space that takes on the best aspects of current kitchen trends and applies them within a period home.  

An open-plan concept provides a sense of freedom and space to those spending time here. Not just a space for cooking, we can imagine the whole family spending time here during the evenings to catch up on the day's events. 

New garden features

The interiors weren't the sole benefactor from the conversion. Today, the garden hosts a brand new raised deck that leads seamlessly from within. Access between areas is easy thanks to the installation of bi-folding doors that slide to the side. 

Alongside the bi-folding glass doors, the metal framing and windows bring a contemporary aspect to the exterior façade that fits surprisingly well. 

Natural and balanced

Angled windows along the side of the new volume bring in plenty of natural light, which was something the old layout lacked. For those having concerns about privacy, these windows are installed at an angle, which prevents any direct line of sight with neighbouring windows. 

Shining timber floorboards act as a uniting feature within the new plan and pair wonderfully with the traditional inspired cabinetry. Although it's common for new kitchens to show-off their mod-cons, the appliances here have been kept hidden behind a veil of timber, allowing for a scheme that feels natural and balanced. 

Period inspiration

Within the first bathroom, the designers opted for traditional fittings that are in keeping with the period of the house. Notice how the effortlessly the wooden panelling complements the white bathroom fittings, while also providing a great cover for unsightly pipework. 

Covering the walls in the walk-in shower are metro tiles, which provide the space with a simple, timeless appeal. 


The constraints of modern life make showers a necessary convenience during morning rushes. However, when one has the time, nothing rivals a warm bath. After a relaxing soak in the tub, the strains of the day feel long gone. 

This characterful bathtub provides an eye-catching focal point within the scheme. The decorative cast legs bring a period detail that is matched by the choice of patterned floor tiles. 

Adults only

Down the hallway there is a second bathroom used exclusively by the adults of the household. Although this room shares a similar vintage outlook as the other washroom, the interior designers chose a range of luxury materials and pieces that make this room feel exclusive. 

Standing out from the scene is the gorgeous cast-iron bathtub with its shining silver surface. The shape of the tub is based on a classic 18th century design known as the bateau bath or 'boat bath'. This modern interpretation retains the elegance from the period and makes for a unique piece for this bathroom scheme. 

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