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Garden: 12 garden fences your neighbors will definitely want to copy!

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If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, then I'm sure you love to sit out back and enjoy the outdoors. However, it can be difficult to do that and fully enjoy yourself if you are worried about not having the privacy you would like. Unless you live on a lot of land, chances are you will need a fence so that you can separate your space from your neighbor's. Now you may think fences can be a bit boring or even tacky, depending on the style you choose, but we are going to change your mind about that!

Below are twelve fence ideas that will inspire you to use your fence not only as a division between you and your neighbors but also as a beautiful feature for your garden. From traditional fences to more creative features, there is something on this list for everyone to incorporate into their outdoor space and ask their landscapers to help with!

So make your neighbors jealous and let us know which fence would suit your home! 

1. Industrial chic.

If you live in an urban area or simply want that industrial and urban look, opt for the hottest item on the market weathering steel (also known as corten steel). This incredible idea was invented to eliminate the need for painting but still give the structure a color that would last. This rust-like appearance isn't actually rust at all, so you needn't worry about the structural integrity of the fence and just sit back and enjoy the privacy and urban chic-ness of your space. 

2. Wood and stone.

If you're looking for a super sturdy structure that still blends in a bit with your natural surroundings, try going for a wood and stone look. The combination of the two materials will prevent it from looking like a normal wooden fence as well as making the structure much more durable, thanks to the stone. You can achieve this look in a number of ways, but the most common way is to use stone columns every few feet with wood in between, such as we see in this backyard. 

3. Textured concrete.

If you love the look of stone but can't really afford it, try going down the concrete route. You can achieve the look of a light stone without spending a fortune. These concrete slabs are divided with black metal columns to give it structure and support. This fence gives the garden a clean and put together look without looking too unnatural, as the rest of the garden is filled with lush plants and beautiful green plants. It's economical and beautiful!

4. For the eccentric type.

If you want to make a bold statement and have a completely creative outdoor space, then check out this mountain fence! Made of steel, it perfectly does the job of a traditional fence while also acting as a piece of artwork. This is definitely a custom piece and doesn't necessarily come cheap, but the look is fabulous! This is a great fence for a backyard that has a lot of greenery so that it can really stand out against all the plants in all its steel glory. The design can also be anything you want and that will match with your space, so get creative!

5. A sneak preview.

Nive Garden Fencing & walls Aluminium/Seng Green

Not all fences have to be completely opaque and shielding you out from the rest of the world, you can also have one that is partially see through, to let in light and feel more inviting. This fence is a perfect example usually metal panels that are spaced a bit apart so that you can just peek through into the space but still get the feeling of privacy from a fence. This idea is also used to make yards feel a bit bigger since it doesn't seem completely blocked out from the outside.

6. A traditional white fence.

The American dream is filled with images of single family homes and a white picket fence, so why not incorporate that into your style if you like it? These days a white fence doesn't only have to be made from wood and can be plastic, metal, or even PVC piping so that you can get the beautiful look no matter what budget you're on! You can opt for an traditional fence that blocks out everything or a more open fence that you can see through or above, such as the one we see here. The possibilities are endless for this traditional fence!

7. A bit of rustic charm.

If you are aiming for a more rustic look, take a look at this simple wood and wire fence. Each wooden post is held together with two wires on both the top and bottom and are secured in the ground. They are not the most private of fences, but if you just want something that is more for aesthetics than actually privacy, or if you're trying to keep some creatures from getting into your garden, then this will do the trick nicely. It is very reminiscent of a fairy tale garden!

8. A wrought iron gate means business.

Wrought iron brings about an English or Victorian feel to a garden and if that's the look you're going for then this would be a great addition to your space! Wrought iron is very sturdy and also very heavy but it comes in many designs to match any look you are trying to achieve. this would make a very good impression on guests coming in and also pairs very well with stone, if you don't want your whole fence to be made of wrought iron, which can get pretty pricey.

9. Metal fences.

If you are looking for a fence that is a bit cheaper and is very sturdy and easy to maintain, opt for a metal fence. Metal fences are very easy to take care of since they are coated in weatherproof material to prevent the paint from chipping as much as possible. There are also numerous designs and colors to choose from to get the best look for your garden while still staying within your budget.

10. All stone, all day.

If you love the stone look then invest in a sturdy and incredible stone fence to surround your outdoor space. This is a bit on the pricey side but is able to withstand any type of weather without need to re-stain, repaint, or restructure. A stone wall is a fence with minimal maintenance and bold style for your backyard. It goes well with an abundance of lush green plants and can be incorporated into many design styles.

11. A green fence.

If you want something a bit more natural, use bushes, shrubs, or trees to create an all-green natural fence. This separation will blend right into the environment and also provide a beautiful scenery for your space. This type of division, however, comes with more maintenance as you have to water, fertilize, and keep the branches trimmed in order to get a neat looking backyard. If you live in an area that sees all four seasons, it is also good to opt for bushes and trees that don't shed their leaves in the fall and winter if you plan on using the space during those times, otherwise you won't have much privacy!

12. Stone and metal.

We've talked about stone and wood, but what about stone and metal? Incorporating the natural with the man-made is something that is popping up in many design styles these days, so give it a try for the outside of your home! This incredible fence, for example, uses black stone at the bottom for a strong and sturdy look and metal posts at varying lengths for the top half. This gives a bold and powerful look to the fence and sets a statement for those coming to your home.

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