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How to make your home Pantone color-ready for 2017

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It's almost the end of the year and Pantone has announced its color for 2017: Greenery. The refreshing and revitalizing shade is a symbol for new beginning and an allude to nature that signals us to take a deep breath and enjoy our surroundings. Whether it's tropical or rustic, there's always a way to infuse greenery in your home. Although the easiest would be to call a gardener to introduce flora and fauna into your house, why don't you try something new and exciting? Perhaps you can even make creative rooms that kids will love.

Bring the garden inside your house

How do you feel about starting your day at one with nature? Nothing says invigorating shower like a refreshing sight of greenery while you get yourself ready for the day ahead. If there's an empty corner or blank wall in your bathroom, now is the time turn it into your own pocket full of green.

Bounce off colors

You can still infuse greenery in your house even if you have the neutral style going on. Choose key elements like the wall of your bedroom then bounce off the color in smaller details like the bed sheets or the bedside lamp.

Keep it clean

The zesty hues of greenery could attract too much attention so remember to keep it subtle. Your kitchen or dining area would look neat and clean if you keep it neutral and just add a pop of color.

Transform your closet

Your home is not the only one that can imbibe greenery for the coming year. Go all out and give your wardrobe some upgrade starting off with your closet that can make anyone green with envy.

Step on it

Don't forget to give the floor some love when you're redesigning your house. A decorated floor makes a big difference in the visual enhancement of your living room.

Draw it on the wall

This black board is a unique addition to your kitchen. Not only can you draw different kinds of plants every day, it's also quite useful for recipes or reminders.

Make a statement

A statement piece like this chair in striking color breaks the monotony in the room. Don't be afraid to try something bold and daring for 2017!

Be playful

Put yourself in the shoes of a seven-year-old and ask yourself how would you want your room to look like. Play with textures on the carpet and prints on the bed sheets. Treat your kids with a delightful bedroom wall that will inspire them.

Light it up

If you're not ready for anything drastic, try to experiment with the lighting in your living room. It's an easy transition and you can adjust accordingly.

Soak up the sun

Perhaps the best way to celebrate greenery in your house is by allowing natural light to nourish them. And in turn, you get to spend a relaxing afternoon under the sun, too.

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