12 amazing homes from around the world

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 Maybe you’ve decided urban life is no longer for you? Perhaps you’re about to start a family? Or maybe you just to enjoy looking at some beautiful homes!

 Either way this article is for you, as today we’re taking a look at twelve eye-catching properties from around the world.

 Of course budget and location are key deciding factors when purchasing a new property, but it doesn’t hurt to take inspiration from beautiful homes that can help you to decide what you’re looking for before you consult with professionals.

1. Popular in Poland

 This single storey home with its crisp white façade and ample garden space appears to be a charming combination of classic style with a contemporary twist.

2. A modern villa

 This Turkish delight forms part of an attractive, purpose built village community. Thanks to the safety and social facilities these homes are particularly attractive for families with children.

3. Terrace and garden space galore!

 There’s a fantastic amount of outdoor space on this property with a huge garden and vast roof terrace, however, the ultra-modern design may not be for everyone.

4. Breaking down barriers

 The glass façade of this marvelously modern home breaks down the barrier between outdoor and indoor space; creating a wonderfully open, bright living space.

5. What a view!

 This stunning super-modern home has excellent views from virtually anywhere on the property.

6. Towering amongst the trees

 The beauty of the different building materials interacting with each other to create the stunning façade of intersecting shapes is paralleled by the picturesque setting of forest and hills in which this home can be found.

7. Panoramic view

 This home’s humble façade hides the astounding view from the rear of the property. From the terrace at the back we find astonishing views of the hills and valley beneath.

8. Wooden wonderland

 The exterior of this Korean country home hides an interior of astoundingly intricate wood work with beautifully adorned staircases, railings and doors constructed from different woods.

9.  A Russian palace

 This monumental house bears traces of classic design, yet simultaneously has undeniably modern attributes in its fantastic façade. The grounds are breathtaking too! And feature strong Asian design elements in the gorgeous garden.

10. Outdoor space that’ll make you green with envy

 This vast property boasts a secure gated garden of enviable proportions, along with understated, but sleek modern interiors.

11. It’d be hard to find a place more refined

 This vast, elegant home has oodles of classic style with interiors that are far more modern, but equally stylish.

12. A stunning mix of styles

 This fairy-tale farmhouse comes with a garden on a grand scale, while the picturesque property itself draws from Mediterranean influences, as well as rustic and country to form a unique and charming home.

 If you want to see more amazing homes then check out this rundown of some of our most popular homes.

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