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14 creative tips and tricks for super small bathrooms!

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Small bathrooms–they're not the most popular and definitely not the selling point when buying a house or renting an apartment. Dealing with a small space requires some innovative thinking for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Luckily there are always a few tips and tricks out there to handle this.

We have today a list of 14 tips that will make your bathroom more organised, save you space, and look better in the process. So if you want to make a big splash in your tiny bathroom, look to this list for inspiration!

1. Cute and colourful boxes

One of the easiest ways to add colour and storage at the same time is to invest in a few cute boxes to fashion to the wall. It's best to stick to two to three colours in this design so your bathroom doesn't look like a rainbow.

2. Roll your towels

Bathroom homify Kamar Mandi Gaya Industrial



Rolling your towels takes up a lot less space, so if your cabinets and counter tops are limited, give this a try. You'll also get a nice hotel suite vibe going on when you do this.

3. Get a large mirror

We all know the main function of the mirrors in the bathroom–so we can beautify ourselves for the day. But they're also good for visually expanding the room.

4. Storage behind mirrors

Utilise all the space in your room by getting mirrors that have built-in medicine cabinets.

5. Wall storage

Yonoh BathroomStorage

Small wall hangers like this are great for storing makeup and other toiletries that you use daily. They're easily movable to other rooms and counter tops, as well.

6. Use corner space

Every corner in the small bathroom is important. Stick a tall rack in your corner and make it useful for storing extra toilet paper or towels.

7. Over the toilet storage

This idea is rather new. When looking for places to add storage, try over the toilet. Nothing else goes there anyway, so you might as well use the space.

8. Tub storage

Even the bathtub offers great storage solutions! When the basin is big enough, you can fashion all kinds of cubbies and cabinets in one convenient area.

9. Shelves for the walls and the tub

Installing shelves is another practical space-saving design. If you bathe more than you shower, buy a shelf for your tub, like the one we see here. You can store your usual soap and shampoo here, which leaves space on the other shelves for other things.

10. Slim sink basins with storage

A slim sink could mean the difference between a bathroom with a lounge chair and a bathroom that doesn't have the room for it. Take up less floor space with a thin design, and get creative and make sure even this sink has storage.

11. Get some pull-out drawers

Make your storage less obvious with pull-out drawers. Better yet when they don't have handles.

12. Towel rods

Towel rods like this keep your towels orderly and above all dry.

13. Ladders for hanging and storing

Ypsy for the Bathroom homify BathroomStorage MDF Green

Ypsy for the Bathroom


Ladders are used for so much more than climbing nowadays. This ladder is a decorative stand for a few toiletries and also offers a drying option for towels.

14. Floating shelves in unexpected places

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Kamar Mandi Gaya Rustic
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Lastly, when you have all your wall space dedicated to either storage or aesthetic accessories, think about adding shelves in unexpected places. This bathroom has a floating shelf underneath the sink.

If you need more help with your small home, check out these eight small home storage solutions.

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