11 ideas to use wall kitchen tiles (and make it look good)!

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Decorating a kitchen isn’t as simple as it sounds. While the procurement of accessories and furniture might seem doable, the combinations aren’t quite. There is a lot to keep in mind, and the end result should be a kitchen that looks neat and tidy, all while geling in with the paint of the walls.

The choice of materials for the kitchen differs from that of the rest of the house. This is due to the fact that this one area is constantly in contact with oil, liquids and heat, which is why surfaces that can easily be cleaned should be used. Tiles are the best bet simply because they do not absorb too much and also do not stain much. Here are eleven great ways to make your kitchen look fabulous.

1. Colourful and vibrant

The bright red counter-top goes well with the array of tiles on the wall. This kitchen is a standout as the tiles with different designs, colours and textures are a testament to. If ever you wanted cooking to be fun and playful, say it with this splash of colour. This was a proposal of the professionals of Tikkanen Architecture.

2. Basic design

In order to achieve a look wherein the furniture complements your kitchen, you can opt for a basic design in a neutral color. You can also choose bright colours and set a canvas on which you will place your decoration. In this kitchen, we see black tiles being used. This way your kitchen always looks neat and tidy.

Checkout 5 easy space ideas for your kitchen here.

3. A little bit of everything

This design incorporates the best of everything. With a mix of different mosaic designs, the room for experimentation is aplenty. If you do choose this kitchen, then make sure that the rest of your furniture must be of paler hues so as to prevent overpowering the tiles.

4. Knit boards

Classic, yet Contemporary Rencraft Dapur Klasik

Optical illusions arise from the textures that mosaics have to offer. The mix and match of shapes and sizes give dynamism to space. This design appears to look like paintings that were created from small circles that follow a well defined pattern.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. A brick wall

For someone looking for a sophisticated, stylish design in black, this kitchen is optimal. A simple change in the order of lines and shapes can bring about a drastic change.  Mixed designs with mosaic motifs also work very well. Mosaics of different shapes and shades can be played around with so as to weave more texture into your kitchen.

6. Triangles and lines

This design makes your kitchen look dynamic and brings it to life at the same time. A modern edge is added to your kitchen. With a mixture of regular shapes and lines, combined with a variety of shades and colours this kitchen is very satisfying to look at. The use of whites creates the illusion of space.

7. A chess board

If at all you are looking for something simple but fun you can opt for a bicolour design like this kitchen. Here we see the play of a large variety of mosaics which form a checkerboard making your kitchen look elegant and fun at the same time. Look for opaque, neutral colours to create a sophisticated, yet neat environment. Warm colours create a more energetic and explosive environment.

8. Make some noise

dwarf Dapur Gaya Skandinavia Kayu Wood effect

You can combine tiles so as to create small borders on the surface, making the design seem one level above simple. Add in some lines, drawings, shapes, culinary motifs and geometric shapes and you are good to go.

9. All things psychedelic

GRUPO VOLTA Dapur Modern

For those of you who like all things psychedelic, you can now take it to the kitchen! This design by Volta Group combines textures not only the mosaic on the walls, but also the surface of furniture, with a few simple and modern designs that achieve create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, keeping the originality intact.

10. Elegant vintage

homify Dapur Gaya Asia

The vintage is still a trend that is being positioned. But if you're not a big fan of this style, then you could combine it with some minimalist designs It is important to highlight the decoration of the mosaics, as the vintage element that sets the basis for the rest of the decoration. If you are going to include something of this type, with many lines and shapes, make sure that the colours are so pale that the place does not look overwhelming. Enjoy your kitchen to the fullest!

11. Simplistic yet modern design

The importance of kitchen decoration is not only to make it a cute room, but also enjoy being in it. To achieve this serene space, you can choose a simple design, like this kitchen  that is responsible for establishing balance and harmony within the kitchen.

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