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A suburban home with the perfect patio

Will Sayner Will Sayner
Swaffield Road Concept Eight Architects Taman Modern
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 The phrase itself may be a little cliché, but there’s no limit to what you can achieve with a property when you apply a little ‘outside the box’ thinking and really open your mind to available possibilities.

 Today we’re taking a look at the Swaffield Road project by architects, Concept Eight. Originally this was a typical English, suburban, semi-detached home; and although pleasant enough, it was difficult to imagine that it would ever become something spectacular.

 However, creativity and ingenuity have prevailed, and the home has become something quite special indeed. Let’s take a look…

An immaculate modern kitchen

 Modern minimalism makes up part of the immaculate kitchen’s design, but the room’s key defining feature has to be how incredibly bright and open the space is. The open-plan expanse includes a dining area and the living room space, but extends further into the garden thanks to the wall-to-wall patio creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space.

A different point of view

 Moving through the room allows us to survey the kitchen from the other side, and from here we can appreciate how the room’s length has been used to create an organised and efficient kitchen contained to one side of the room; allowing space for a formidable breakfast bar and a hallway.

 The décor is almost exclusively white, and in conjunction with the natural light that pours through the patio doors, as well as the skylights running across the left of the ceiling, this creates a brilliantly bright space.

Look at all this living room space!

 Looking on from the kitchen it’s hard to imagine how much living room space there would be, but thanks to the minimalist design there’s ample space to relax and watch a little television.

The transcendent terrace

 The transcendent terrace is a spectacular surprise hidden at the back of the home, and it undoubtedly surpasses anything you’d expect to find in this setting.

 This meticulously planned outdoor area exudes style and includes both a comfortable seating area for soaking up some sun and entertaining guests, as well as a dining table of a decent size.

The perfect patio

 Stepping backwards brings the whole patio into view, and allows us to fully appreciate how artfully crafted the space is. The lighting incorporated into the attractive wooden panelling creates a dazzling effect in this cool and atmospheric area.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of this amazing modern home. If you’re feeling inspired to make the most of your patio space, check out this guide to creating a beautiful patio.

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