Countryside comfort built with 200 thousand US Dollars

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When looking for a snug pad for the family, the popular practice is to go for a house that is higher on dimensions and hence, cost. However, it need not necessarily be large & pricey to be comfortable & luxurious. And this is what today’s house tour on homify is all about. Created by Bialystok based architects BIURO PROJEKTOWE MTM STYL, this cozy little country home is low on cost and high on comfort. Built with $200,000 this suburban dwelling boasts of earthy accents in a modish manner. The surroundings offer palliative views with an assurance of a relaxed country life.

Let us take a sneak peek into this welcoming lovely home with charming design and scenic exterior.

Modest face of contemporary style.

The frontage view mesmerizes with a picture perfect facade that wins you over with its traditional meets modern vibe. The traditional chevron roof in gray celebrates the beauty of the past, while the current style usage of wood, stone & glass conveys a modern flair.            

The loft design with the attic window adds to the homey grace. Wood & stone combined with white concrete, gravel and gray roofs constitute the eclectic variety of materials used to create a non fussy, simplistic and elegant home. The gravel entranceway is flanked by greens, that makes for a refreshing invite.

Relaxation, anyone?

Presenting a really snug stance, the backside of this house upholds the warmth of wood. The pergola like space is connected to the interior as well as exterior. The manicured lawns and the lovely flowering plants offer soothing views as you lounge. The twin balconies with dark gray railings, on the side face, provide a great arrangement for enjoying the view as you sip a hot cuppa.

Clear skies, cool breeze, lush greenery and you on the lounger – quite an inviting picture for a fabulous nap, watsay?

Snug in elegant earthiness.

Well suited to this humble abode, the interior decor & design has been accomplished using earthy shades so as to imbibe a sense of calm. Tones of brown have been coupled with white to create a well lit living room space that sings in uncomplicated notes of graceful modernity.

Portraying a tasteful design, sufficient consideration has been lavished upon cozy comfort & warmth. The wide glass sliding doors lead to the outdoor lounging area with plush seaters. The ample natural light pouring in lights up the living room and brightens it up further, with nice views of the exterior.

Planned for jazzy openness.

Sitting pretty in a fluid layout, this living room has clearly marked lounging, dining & kitchen spaces, sans partitions. Besides the natural light flooding in though the large windows, employing white color & a variety of lights brightens up the living room and makes all the elements stand out with appealingly proper color contrasts.

The neatly organized modular kitchen is well illuminated with white reflecting the natural light. Look at the green & white dining chairs!

The palette, furniture, furnishings and decor convey a restrained & finessed sense of contemporary style.

Go green for hearty!

The dining space is quite charming with a dining set for 4 persons, replete with the pristine goodness of white and green. Nicely lit by the pendant light overhead, the dining set complements the light colored floor as well as the striking dark striated wall. The green relief in the black planter towards the corner provides a visually sound color contrast with the brown tones, and also enlivens the ambiance of the living room.

Spaciously sassy.

The alluringly smart use of the available space in this beautiful home has resulted in well laid out functional spaces that are far from cramped. As we can see in this view of the living room, the 3 functionalities of a lounge, dining space and kitchen are in an open plan format – well spaced and easily outlined without any physical partitioning such that there is convenience of movement & the spaces are closely linked. The visually appealing furnishings add to the charm.

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