16 life-improving tricks for those with little wardrobes

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16 life-improving tricks for those with little wardrobes

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Sure, we all dream of a Carrie Bradshaw-esque robe brimming with haute couture and an endless array of shoe options, but chances are we’re apartment dwellers, with little to no space, in need of some serious organisational tips and tricks. Luckily homify is here to help!

Your wardrobe is an essential piece of bedroom furniture, organising your garments, as well as keeping everything neat and orderly. To help you along the way we’ve gathered our top 16 life-improving ideas for those with little wardrobes. If you lack space, or if your current setup is starting to spill out into a chaotic mess of clutter, you should read on below and find a solution today!

1. Add doorknobs

Get prepared for the next day by hanging everything so it is ready to go!

2. Exploit those corners

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Dark corners can be a great place to store boxes of shoes or other accessories.

3. Add wall baskets for convenience

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These are perfect for scarves, gloves or pretty much any small accessory.

4. Separate dead space with a plush drape

This extra wardrobe space is excellent for seasonal wear or storage.

5. Pack up and store your clothes each season

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DPS ltd.


DPS ltd.

Although Hong Kong’s winter is fairly mild, you can pack away items such as coats and sweaters when the warmer weather starts to set in.

6. Audit your shoe collection

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In:Style Direct

Bespoke shoe cabinet

In:Style Direct

Yes, we know this is difficult! However, throwing away, donating or selling any shoes you no longer need will save you space in the long run. Be ruthless, do it today!

7. Hang items on the wall

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Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Wall space is valuable and perfect for accessories or handbags.

Does your bedroom require a serious update or makeover? If you’re unsure where to begin you can easily find an interior designer/bedroom planner via the homify website – head over here and get started today!

8. Be sneaky with your storage

Try a stool or seat with a lift up lid and in-built storage.

9. Fold what you can, hang the rest

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Leather Floored Walk-In Wardrobe


Realistically, tops with fine knits or fabric last longer and are safer when folded. Save space and fold as much as you can, hanging your key pieces.

10. Repurpose bedroom hallways, nooks or corridors

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Living in Space

Belsize Park Gardens

Living in Space

These spaces can offer storage, and are perfect with additional rails added for hanging clothes.

11. Utilise and employ every centimetre of space

If you have an awkward loft, it could potentially be converted into a dressing room.

12. Add cupboards in your spare rooms

Ensure your bedroom wardrobe only contains your garments, and relocate any other odds and ends into cupboards elsewhere.

13. Make the most of your hanging space

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Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

If you have plenty of hanging space, consider adding bulky items such as scarves, belts or ties.

14. Clean out your wardrobe each season

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Only keep what you really need, and donate, gift or sell pieces that are out of style or unlikely to be worn.

15. Embrace the open shelf

Add open shelving to your bedroom as a practical way to increase your storage.

16. Turn a small, unusable room into a dressing area

A small room that is not used very often could potentially be converted into a stylish and wonderfully practical dressing space for your ‘Sex and the City’ moment of glory!

Would you like to check out more inspiring bedrooms? Check out: 15 original décor ideas for small bedrooms and continue reading with homify!

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