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11 smart storage ideas for small bathrooms

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Large bathrooms with large cabinets are now a luxury which only a few can afford. Nowadays, it is a challenge to keep the bathrooms organized. To keep up with the shrinking size of the apartments, bathrooms are becoming smaller and smaller. Large cabinets may be spacious and useful, but only in large bathroom. The cabinets should match the size of the bathroom. Or it may cause claustrophobia!

There is a serious difference between the congested bathroom and an organized bathroom with space for movement. In today’s idea-book we have compiled some useful tips to create smart storage space in small bathrooms. Take some inspirations of from here. Use your creativity and transform your bathroom into an organized and luxurious space.

If you are ready then let’s start organizing the most ignored storage space of our home.

​1. Mirrored cabinet

Mirrors are a great accessory. They make a room look bigger and feel brighter. Moreover, mirror is essential in a bathroom. You cannot imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Mirrored cabinets are a great choice for small bathrooms. It will solve a dual purpose of mirror and cabinet at the same time.

​2. Wall shelf on closet

In a small bathroom every space matters and it should be utilized in the best possible way. If the wall has gaps, convert it into attractive shelves. In this image a beautiful eye-catching shelf has been created in the gaps above the toilet seat.  It is a smart use of a useless space. Just make a wall shelves.

3. Corner shelf

Every room in a house has a space what we call a dead area, i.e. the space is a waste. Bathrooms are no exception. At least the corners are a waste. Well… not anymore. The corner shelf is very useful. It takes up the little space in the corner and changes it into a beautiful and practical space. The shelves can also be added to the shower area, like it is done here.

​4. Staircase

Stairs is an innovative and popular storage option. This is a good option because they use vertical space and can be really useful for temporary storage. If you don’t want permanent furniture fixtures, go for it.

​5. Wood panel

This is a completely different example. Part of the bathroom wall is covered with wooden panels which extend up to the sink. The advantage of this long panel is that the upper part can be used as a shelf. In this image you can see a basket full of toilet essentials kept on the panel.

​6. Niche on the wall

Another smart storage option is the niches. The shelves built in the niche provide extra storage space without occupying extra space. It merges with the wall and is not an eye-sore. In this picture, a cupboard is built in the lower part and the upper part has two open shelves.

7. Synchronized shelves

Creating a wall shelf above the closet is another intelligent use of space. In this image, the shelves are so beautifully built and organized that it has merged with the space. The choice of color is just perfect. The recessed shape with dark color instantly grabs the attention.

​8. Creative solutions

It’s hard to imagine that the toilet paper rolls could look so appealing. Here it definitely works. The harmony in color and design has made this toilet a piece of art.

​9. Cupboard under sink

The most common storage method in toilet is undoubtedly the closet under the sink. But if you don’t want to have an ordinary cabinet, go for more aesthetic models like we have here.

​10. Floating shelves

The vertical shelves are your best friend in a small toilet. Just look at the shelves floating in the area dividing the toilet and shower area. Its rustic look is adding a little warmth to the bathroom.

​11. Open shelves

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ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

The last example is again a cabinet below the sink. But this time it is designed as an open shelf. Since everything in the bathroom is in white, the open shelf certainly adds to its aesthetic. It looks neat and clean. In the open plan it will be easy to keep and find what you are looking for.

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