12 simple tricks for a spectacular home entrance

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12 simple tricks for a spectacular home entrance

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 Koridor dan lorong oleh LA Hally Architect, Modern
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When you consider decorating or revamping your home, the entrance is where you should start. Oft-neglected and sidestepped for more popular rooms of a dwelling, it is actually the entrance that can pack the largest punch. They say first impressions last, and this couldn’t be truer. It’s the first room you and your guests will see when they arrive, and the last area they’ll visit before leaving. For this reason it’s crucial you design and decorate the space to reflect your desired ambience, as well as ensuring it is de-cluttered and efficient.

Would you like a few tips and tricks? We’ve got 12 ideas that will drastically alter and rectify your entry, ensuring it is welcoming, impressive and enjoyable. Let’s check them out below!

1. Add a feature chair

A comfy seat by your entrance does more than simply offer your visitors somewhere to sit. It's a statement item that can help draw attention away from other less desirable pieces, while being versatile enough to provide practical uses as well. 

2. Grow a potted plant

 Koridor dan lorong oleh homify, Modern Marmer

Green plants by your entrance help bring in good energy, while also ensuring your entry feels welcoming, fresh and inviting. As an added bonus, potted greenery can also assist in detoxifying the air, and purifying your home's ambience.

3. Brighten the space with an eye-catching hue

 Koridor dan lorong oleh LA Hally Architect, Modern
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

The designers of this simple yet eye-catching residence have opted for a bright red hue that adds drama to the overall appearance of the space, consequently coordinating perfectly with the timber elements and white detailing. 

4. Use the area as a gallery

Why not utilise your entry as a gallery space to show off your favourite works? This industrial-esque entrance perfectly illustrates how this area is perfect as a place to hang art, energising and invigorating the overall aesthetic. 

5. Pick accessories and unique hues

 Koridor dan lorong oleh Perfect Stays, Modern

Think a little outside the box and opt for a different hue or some unique accessories. In this instance the candleholders work perfectly with the round artwork, and sage-coloured wall. 

6. Go neutral

You simply cannot go wrong with neutrals! These hues work brilliantly in any entry, and will always infuse a feeling of class, charm and effortless style. 

7. Add candles and feature wallpaper

This room is a little different. Replete with candle lighting and hanging plants, the room is attention-grabbing as well as alluring. The feature wallpaper is a nice touch, which coordinates well with the vertical green wall, and imparts a sense of continuity throughout. 

8. Ensure it is clutter free with adequate storage

modern  oleh de-cube, Modern

Don't forget your storage! Cluttered entrances are uninviting, unwelcoming and unusable. Add sufficient cupboards for jackets and shoes, ensuring your space remains sleek and chic.

9. These white open shelves are brilliant!

 Koridor dan lorong oleh Eternity Designers, Modern
Eternity Designers

Interior design

Eternity Designers

These white shelves assist in providing separation for the living areas, while offer the ideal spot to house objet d'art, accessories and eye-catching accoutrements. 

10. A circular table is ideal for a larger foyer space

{:asian=>"Asia", :classic=>"klasik", :colonial=>"kolonial", :country=>"country", :eclectic=>"eklektik", :industrial=>"industri", :mediterranean=>"mediterania", :minimalist=>"minimalis", :modern=>"modern", :rustic=>"pedesaan", :scandinavian=>"Skandinavia", :tropical=>"tropis"}  oleh Clifford Interiors,
Clifford Interiors

Entrance Hall In an Italian Villa

Clifford Interiors

If you are blessed with a larger entrance space, why not include a circular central table to add that elegant touch of class and majesty?

11. A decorative double door

A double door is perfect if you'd like to see who is outside your home, without losing your sense of privacy and security. This one is a nice example, which utilises a decorative motif. 

12. Choose wall mounted shelving

Wall-mounted shelving is great if you're lacking space, but would still like to decorate your entrance with accessories and ornaments. 

Would you like some more decorating and design inspiration? Check out: 14 low-cost ideas for your tiny outdoor space

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