9 fun and fabulous home facade ideas

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They say not to judge a book by its cover. 

It’s good advice that reminds us to look deeper at the world around us. However, we can’t ignore the importance of visual aesthetic and its power to communicate. Beautiful objects have a positive effect on us. They lift our spirits, fill us with wonder, and inspire us to live a richer life.

Today, we’re looking at the facade of 9 beautiful homes. We’ll see facades with a huge range and see how each of them reveal details of the interiors just beyond the front door. We invite you to judge these books by their covers and see what makes a fascinating and memorable facade. Let’s kick off our list with our first home!

1. Fearless symmetry

Biuro also did this home with its own fearless design. Half of the house is reserved and hidden from view, while the other half is opened up with bright windows. The playful symmetry of the facade juxtaposes with the classic shape of the home.

2. Glazed and gabled

The classic shape of this home with its angular gabled roof gives the home instant appeal! The incredible glazing on the facade makes the home bright, open and inviting. The bright white framing is an eye-catching feature on this facade. Architects at Boks created a twinned design for this glazed and gabled home.

3. Showing off

Kabaz Rumah Modern

This home makes a point of showcasing its unique thatched roof! The designers at Kabaz employed a great technique to make the home appear shorter. The light on the bottom, dark on top colour scheme shortens any home that looks too tall.

4. Classical meets chalet

The professionals at Biuro are the ones who designed this facade where classical columns pair with a chalet inspired design. A mash up of architectural styles like this can combine to make a unique look for any home facade.

5. Bold and modern

The architects at Linebox studio designed a home with a bold and modern design. It’s the modular look of the home that a bold architectural statement and commands attention. The vibrant red door makes a fun statement. Subtle two-toned wood gives this facade a warm and endearing charm.

6. Cheerful facade

Although the home is painted in a dark hue, the bright white framing creates a cheerful look. The architects at Scanabouw designed a home with an overhanging red shingled roof. Plentiful panelled windows and doors create a look steeped in nostalgia that beckons us inside. Homes with a cheerful look like this are always a fun sight to see on any block!

7. Simple charm

This home uses a simple beige tone to inspire calm and charm. The facade is almost hidden from view by the lush garden For those looking to get a country look for their home; playing up the landscaping is key! The designers at Radrizzani took advantage of the natural surroundings to play up their facade. The red tiles that lead up to the house help contribute to the European rustic charm of this simple home.

8. Green with envy

Colour is one of the most powerful ways to make a stunning facade for your home. This home inspires us with a sunny disposition thanks to its bright yellow hue. These architects combined a soothing green with orange accents to create contrast.  The white trim gives the home a distinctly traditional feel, framing its assets perfectly.

9. Stately facade

For a home that makes a strong and stately impression, look no further than this design by Mocopinus. The home is tall and impressive. The facade is painted a red tone that’s evocative of a country barn.  White accents lighten up the home and make it more approachable. They combined the painted clapboard with stone on the bottom of the home to create a charming provincial design.

Thanks for checking out our list of fun and fab home facades! Did you notice any homes that stood out from the crowd?

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