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A wooden house that exudes elegance

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GOOD WOOD Rumah Modern
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Here at homify we see a range of impressive timber houses. From luxury villas to sustainable micro homes, there isn’t really much that surprises us. However, today’s property is different. Unlike many wooden houses, this Russian-based property offers an eye-catching grey façade.

Designed by the team at the aptly named Good Wood, this property is a wonderfully individual residence, boasting unique interiors and a warm yet contemporary feel. The ideal country getaway, this house offers a range of uses, and is replete with enough space for a large family or group of friends.  

Would you like to take a wander inside? Let’s check out this tremendous timber home below…

The grey house

Unlike many timber homes we see here on homify, this one is a real eye-catcher! Employing a large grey exterior and plenty of open terraces, this beautiful house is definitely going to impress you. 

This abode boasts the best of both worlds; sophisticated thanks to the grey paint, yet rustic due to the extensive timber, this property is sure to make you re-think everything you know about wooden dwellings. 

Open plan living spaces

Inside the home is light, bright and airy thanks to the neutral colour palette and extensive use of glazing. It feels almost retro, with vintage pieces that offer a unique sense of individuality. 

Overall the interior feels welcoming, with the designers replacing the grey exterior walls for a warmer timber-clad alternative. 

Delightful dining

Like we said, the house employs a vintage aesthetic, which is seen in the dining room. A large antique table is hard to miss, and provides a striking focal point for the entire open plan living space. 

Moreover, the interior offers a sense of class, refinement and elegance, something not commonly seen in a rustic timber cabin house. The table is set! Would you like to dine here?

Connecting the interior and exterior

One of the nicest details within this house is the way the designers and architects have worked to integrate the interior with the exterior. 

Glazing is maximised and allows huge volumes of natural light to pour in through the windows. This not only enhances the living conditions within, but boosts the sense of space and functionality of the entire abode.

Vintage minimalism

Upstairs we check out one of the truly sumptuous sleeping spaces. Elegant and refined, this area is a fusion of modern necessities and timeless vintage features. 

All of the bedrooms follow a similar neutral ambience, with a tufted bedhead, plush linen and heavy drapes. This creates continuity throughout, along with a united and cohesive aesthetic. 

Making the most of the space

Even though this property is large, each room has been designed to make the most of every square centimetre. In the bedroom, we see that a small desk and study is tucked away in the corner, making sure the home's occupants have ample private space to work or relax. 

Cosy and serene

When we think of minimal aesthetics, often the last thing we imagine is warmth and hospitable surrounds. However, this next bedroom is no less tranquil than the former sleeping space, offering the perfect sense of cosy minimalism. The interior designers have chosen to create a bedroom with a subdued palette, which creates an enduring aura of peacefulness.

Colourful and eye-catching

With the bed linen changed to a bright blue hue, this room looks different once again! The hue reflects a sense of tranquillity, while the rustic dressers are eye-catching.

Adding patterns

Patterns and motifs have been added to elicit a strong attention-grabbing response. The patterned wallpaper is trnedy and timeless, and works perfectly alongside the rustic furniture.

Each room is different!

In another of the bedrooms, we see that different wallpaper has been employed as a focal point for the space. The bed linen is pink this time, offering a sweet and playful atmosphere.

Relaxing and perfect for refreshing oneself

Airy and relaxing, this bathroom contains everything one might want. An entry-level shower is conventient, while twin basins ensure the room can be utilised with another. 

A pre-fab home with a difference…

Taking one last look before we end the tour, we check out the house from the street. It certainly looks the part, nestled behind a brick wall, atop a hill for the whole neighbourhood to see. Retro yet mdern, stylish and sophisticated, we hope you liked this property as much as we did!

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