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The essential (Canadian) spring cleaning guide

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Spring has sprung, which means only one thing; it's time to get cleaning! While we're sure that you clean your home throughout the year, the big spring clean is one task that you really can't overlook and we're here to help you make sure that you don;t forget any of the fiddly jobs that can so easily get overlooked throughout the year. Ask any professional cleaner and they'll tell you that a spring clean is a great way to get your home in tip-top shape and ready for the coming months, so take a look at our must-tackle jobs and make sure that you tick them all off!

1. Organise your seasonal clothes.

When spring arrives, it's time to give your closet a really good going over, in terms of removing all your unseasonal clothing and getting them stored away until you need them again. Vacuum bags are a great resource for minimizing the amount of space your winter garments will take up, while also protecting them.

2. Properly declutter your closet.

While you're sorting your clothes, you might as well have a thorough declutter at the same time, so anything that is beyond repair or never worn can be discarded. It will be a good time to give all your shelves a clean too.

3. Get the bathroom dazzling.

We know that you clean your bathroom suite items regularly already, but there might be something you overlook; your tiles! Give them a thorough scrub and if you spot any mildew, bleach, remove and then consider using a grout pen to tidy up your finish. 

4. All your glass has to be done.

We know that washing your windows and glass door panels seems like a huge task, but once you get into it, it will only take a few minutes per pane. Don;t forget to clean inside AND out, to make sure that when all the lovely spring sunshine comes flooding in, it isn't hampered by unsightly streaks.

5. Don't ignore the backyard.

Your backyard is a prime spot for focussing some attention on, come spring. This is because winter will have seen fallen leaves and other debris collecting everywhere. Grab a leaf-blower, remove everything you can and then tidy up your beds and lawn, ready for the warmer months.

6. Get to the back of the fridge.

How many of us have managed to overlook a couple of food items that are way past their best in the fridge? Probably all  of us, but if you are embarking on a spring cleaning mission, you need to clean everything out of your fridge and makes sure nothing is rotting away in there. Try a little date rotation too, to make sure items are eaten within date!

7. Get fired up to clean your chimney.

If you live in Canada, make sure that your chimney sweep professional is certified by Wood Energy Technology Transfer, Inc. (WETT), or you may run into problems later. Keeping your chimney regularly swept is not only a cleanliness issue, but also a pertinent safety consideration as well.

8. Clean your cleaning products.

We don;t expect you to start bleaching your bottles of bleach, but make sure that you give your caddy of cleaning products a cursory wipe down, to prevent build up and grime. Plus, you should also keep an eye on things such as your kitchen sponges, to make sure they aren't smelly or greasy. If they are, throw them out!

For more handy cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Bathroom cleaning: 19 tricks and tips.

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