DIY Easter Decor: Carrot Terrarium

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DIY Easter Decor: Carrot Terrarium

yudith prawitasari – homify yudith prawitasari – homify
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Easter is coming! This year homify has something special for you. A pretty decoration, easy to make and only requires 10 minutes! This project is so easy that kids can make them, and you can display them in your living room. When Easter arrives, you will have an extra surprise: candies! Yes, this decoration also functions as a small candy bag, secretly guarding your little treat. 

This project is also perfect for those who prefer to not go outside and join Easter egg hunt, why would you go hunt eggs outside when you have a treat waiting for you on the table? Moreover, you can enjoy your time with your loved ones doing this super easy project. Doing something creative together is always great for bonding. What are you waiting for? 


 Artwork by homify

Prepare the materials:

- Fabric of choice

- Scissors

- Sewing needles

- Thread, according to fabric color

- Thick thread/string for tying

- Green flanel

Pattern (click and download, then print in A4 sized paper) 

- Your choice of candies

- Small terrarium or aquarium (glass)

- Dried moss


 Artwork by homify

Cut according to pattern, leave seam allowance around 1,5 – 2 cm 


 Artwork by homify

Sew the middle part, until the fabric forms a circle 


 Artwork by homify

Make small slit cuts around the circle, until the border of seam allowance.


 Artwork by homify

Fold the cut parts inside (into the wrong side of the fabric) then sew the tips, leaving some space in the middle. Sew the whole circle until the end, leaving an opening on both ends.

 Artwork by homify


 Artwork by homify

Tie the thread/small string to a safety pin


 Artwork by homify

Insert the safety pin to the gap sewn earlier until it goes out from the other end.


 Artwork by homify

Tie a knot on both ends of thread 


 Balconies, verandas & terraces  by homify

Now this is what you have been waiting for: insert your candies!


 Artwork by homify

Cut the flanel according to pattern (included above). Make three for each candy pouch.


 Artwork by homify

Slip them inside just before you pull the strings to close. They will tuck in and sit nicely. Don't forget to arrange how they look after you tie the knot. Insert the loose ends.

 Artwork by homify


 Artwork by homify

Decorate your terrarium with the carrot candy bags and dried moss. Add pebbles in bottom if desired.


 Artwork by homify

Place in the living room as an adornment. Enjoy your decoration until Easter day, when you finally can open the candy bags and enjoy the lovely little treats. Perfect choice for heated or rainy days where you just don't feel like going outside for Easter egg hunt. 

 Artwork by homify
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