10 ingenious ways to conceal your outdoor bins

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10 ingenious ways to conceal your outdoor bins

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 Taman oleh Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design Limited, Modern
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Isn't it annoying when you get the façade of your home just right and then you have to spoil it all with your rubbish bins? You might only need to put them out once a week, but they still need to live somewhere and out on the driveway or in the front garden is the most common location, which is such a shame! We are willing to bet that interior designers have dreamt up some seriously cool and stylish ways to conceal their bins, so we thought we'd tap into our inner creatives and think some up as well! 

Take a look at our suggestions and see which ones could definitely work for your home!

1. Have under-stair storage.

If you have stairs leading up to your front door, get yourself a handy cabinet built into them! This is the ultimate in hidden storage tips!

2. Behind tall flowers.

We credit ourselves with being a little sneaky when we need to be, so hiding your bins behind tall flowers and grasses seems perfectly acceptable to us!

3. Underneath a green roof!

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Bicycle and Bin store


If you decide to build a little bin house for your rubbish receptacles, try to blend it in with a living roof on the top! It will disappear before your eyes!

4. Add a room to your gazebo.

 Taman oleh Garden Affairs Ltd, Klasik Kayu Wood effect
Garden Affairs Ltd

Gazebo with intergrated garden store

Garden Affairs Ltd

If you already have a garden gazebo in place, why not add a slim extension to the side and hide your bins inside it? It just makes sense!

5. Utilise an existing outbuilding.

If you have an external boiler or even an electricity cabinet outside your home, see if you can free up a little bit of space to chuck your bins in there! Sneaky and free!

6. Wooden screens.

 Taman oleh Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design Limited, Modern
Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design Limited

Modern English Garden – cedar window screen

Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design Limited

Simple, common sense and wonderfully stylish, some simple wooden screens are the perfect bin camouflage! Just make sure you wash the bins regular or the smell might give you away!

7. Build a concrete cubby.

A few simple concrete walls will offer all the camouflage that you need for your bins! You don't even really need to add a roof, just a smooth surface to roll the bins out over.

8. Fence them off.

 Taman oleh homify, Modern

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey


A classic fenced-off partition will never look anything other than elegant and well thought out. Be sure to match the finish to your wider fencing choices though, for continuity.

9. Underneath a car port.

You already put cars, bikes and various other items underneath your car port, so why not your bins? You'll barely ever notice them with everything else in there!

10. In a locked side enclosure.

 Garasi oleh Modular105.co.uk, Modern

Commercial storage unit


If all else fails, simply build yourself a special bin house, finish with colour-coordinated materials to match your home, tuck it around the corner and padlock it shut! Et voila!

For more outdoor storage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 garden sheds that will make you want to upgrade yours.

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