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Give your bedroom a spring feel

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Spring – a season that deeply reverberates with the spirits of birth and regeneration. After days of frozen winter, foggy mornings and grey sky finally a sigh of relief. Remember the immortal words of Shelley, “The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind / If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” For parts of South Asia, spring also provides brief respite before the burning hot days of summer. No surprise then, that spring is welcomed with such mirthfulness world over. From hanami in Japan, lunar festivals in China, Singapore and Malaysia, holi in India to the carnivals of Europe every place seems to have its own ways of celebrating spring. 

No matter how we adore spring and wish it to last just a little bit longer, we have no power over nature. Perhaps this is for our own good, for we have a lot to learn from the changing colours of the season. But we can decorate our homes so that we can enjoy spring’s mirthfulness all year long. Today, we will decorate our bedrooms in such a way that it exudes a spring feel irrespective of the changing moods of the season outside.

Select the colour scheme

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Master Bedroom


Spring boasts of lightness, freshness and greenery. Think of the spring flowers – cherry and almond blossoms, pansies and hyacinths. Consider how each of these colours showcases a tenderness that we have come to associate with this season. Borrow your ideas from the nature itself and deck your bedroom up with the colours of the season. Not everyone prefers a bright flowery tone or motif. Keep the colours subtle and choose the ones that appeal to your tastes. A spring bedroom can be unbelievably romantic, but in a very refined way. A soothing colour palette also helps to relax and have a good night’s sleep after a day’s work.

Bedding accessories

Updating the pillows, bed linens and blankets is the easiest way of incorporating a spring feel in your bedroom. While choosing any of these keep an eye on the overall colour scheme and style of your bedroom. If you love floral patterns in soft tones you can easily buy matching soft furnishings to introduce spring in the bedroom. If outright floral motifs oppress you or seem rather obvious, choose patterns that are inconspicuous yet full of cheerful vibe. Shy away from flashy red, yellow or orange shades or use them minimally. Spring is all about graceful loving. It hates everything showy.

Next… curtains

Choose lightweight curtains or shades in mellow tones. Darker shades and heavier curtains will make your room look sombre. If need be, use two layers of curtains instead of one. Draw the darker curtains when in need of privacy or to block the glaring sunlight, especially during warmers days. Using traditional embroidered and lacy curtains will be a great way of introducing a breezy feel in the bedroom. Avoid harsh colours and bold motifs. Avoid blocking the windows and declutter the interior of your home too. You should bathe your home with the playful charm of spring.

The right lighting

Colourful and glaring lightings or neon fixtures are best avoided for this place. If you have a habit of reading books on bed, use wall scones with adjustable arms or traditional table lamps. Make sure the lamp shades complement the overall colour scheme of the room. A stylish but modest crystal chandelier will be a great addition if your room boasts of a traditional or eclectic décor. Use mirrored surfaces minimally too. They will bounce off the light making it look more exuberant than you can afford to for a proper spring feel.

Wall décor adds the perfect touch

A painting, photograph or wall paper evoking the spirits of spring augments the beauty of any room, nearly effortlessly. Do not go for dazzling colours while choosing a painting or wall art for your bedroom. You want to calm your mind not excite it. See how very subtle wall decor is brightening up this room, designed by Studio 3-14, with the moods of spring. If you boast of skills of photography or paintings then use your own garden as an inspiration for a great artwork. Bring forth your hidden talents. Little practice will produce charming and genuinely personalised works of art for your bedroom. Otherwise, buy a piece of work that engages your heart from local art galleries or auction sites.

Finish the room with a delightful rug

For a spring like atmosphere in your bedroom tone down the colour of your rugs. Do not use one with busy motifs either, unless they are in soothing and harmonious shades. Shun too thick a rug too, particularly if your home is in one of the warmer parts of the world. This will unnecessarily block the circulation of light, air and positive energy. Monochromatic rugs with intricate designs would look gorgeous in a space like this without overwhelming the other elements of the room. Keep the feeling of springs fresh in your heart and enjoy the generosity of the season all year long.

See how this studio apartment employs the colours of spring to enjoy the blessings of the season year after year.

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