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12 unusual home renovations to inspire your next build

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We see our fair share of unique home designs and interior schemes, so if you're thinking about doing something a little different, we've brought together some of our favourites to show you today! 

Ask any interior designer or architect and they'll tell you that your dream home will always be a reflection of your personal taste and style, which naturally means that you need to think a little outside the box! 

Come with us now as we show you some funky property styles and amazingly different rooms, as we just know that they will fire up your imagination no end!

1. Modern styling with a classical twist.

While this two-storey detached home design is a classic staple in UK architecture, the design to go so sleek and organic with the façade materials has really elevated a new build home into the realms of design genius! There's nothing else like this home on the same street, that's for sure!

2. Where are the windows?

Talk about a unique take on home design! With no front-facing windows at all, all the light is pouring in through the innovative glazed roof strip! Nobody ever said you have to have windows and this home proves that it can really work if you don't! So unique and just look at that stone cladding!

3. Now that IS an unusual kitchen!

Kitchens tend to all be a variation on the same theme of boxy cabinets and a rectangular island, but you don't have to follow the crowd! We love the totally bespoke finish of this kitchen, complete with a curved island that seems to defy logic. The bare wood finish is something else as well. 

4. How would you describe this home?

Located in Wales, this is not your average UK new build! We love how the rugged surroundings have been reflected in the materials used and that a unique modular approach has been taken in terms of self-contained living spaces. Imagine designing something like this!

5. A bathroom like no other!

How many bathrooms have you seen that are just plain white, a little cold and impersonal? Well, this one flies in the face of all of that! With an open fire, central bath position and a really striking shower in place, not to mention a warm colour scheme, this is such a different look!

6. Well, nobody would have the same bedroom!

Parquet flooring, a painted ceiling and a suspended bed all mean that this bedroom is redefining what a boudoir should look like! There is absolutely no adherence to standard bedroom design here and we applaud the boldness of the people that designed it!

7. Where do we find these cabinets?

Time for another amazing kitchen! Most us us have the standard boxy kitchen cabinets in our homes, but when you see how unique and eye-catching curved versions can be, why are we all so stagnant? The extra touch of having polished metal doors really sets this space apart even more!

8. Bare blocks? So cool!

Modern House Interior Design, Cambridgeshire Residence Interior Design Ltd Rumah Modern
Residence Interior Design Ltd

Modern House Interior Design, Cambridgeshire

Residence Interior Design Ltd

How about going super industrial with your home renovation? We are so used to perfect plaster and smooth finishes that these bare block walls really do stand out and make us think that perhaps we have been going about things all wrong! These walls offer such delicious contrast with the luxury flooring too.

9. Why even have a house?

Trafalgar Square Peter Silk Hotel Modern
Peter Silk

Trafalgar Square

Peter Silk

Want to see the ultimate in unusual home renovations? How about a home, built into a decommissioned double-decker bus? You can't deny that this is a real one-off and it opens our minds up to the possibilities of what can become a fully functioning home!  

See more from this amazing project here: https://www.homify.co.uk/ideabooks/257703/the-doub…

10. What about all-wood everything?

Furniture Collection Titchmarsh & Goodwin Kamar Tidur Gaya Country
Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Furniture Collection

Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Wallpaper and paint are steadfast home renovation materials, but having seen this beautiful bedroom, we are starting to think a little more about the possibilities that wood offers as well! Interior cladding might not be a widely-adopted technique, but it really could be, when it looks this good!

11. Why play by the rules?

Living Room and Music room Gullaksen Architects Ruang Keluarga Gaya Eklektik
Gullaksen Architects

Living Room and Music room

Gullaksen Architects

We're always seeing professional design advice that says a neutral design scheme is best, but this project flouted the rules and went all out with the eye-catching details! Patterns with patterns, lots of colour and totally eclectic collections all look phenomenal here!

12. Who needs perfect finishes?

Home renovations bring to mind perfecting anything that has fallen into a state of disrepair, but this bathroom has made a feature of the decay! In no way posing a structural concern, the textural walls, with natural patina, have become the star of the show and really lend themselves to a stunning and unique finish!

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