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Living room layout ideas you won't have tried before

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It's super easy to get your living room looking and functioning well, isn't it? Well actually, no, it isn't! It's not just a case of popping a television and a sofa in there, which is why we are going to show you some of the more unusual ideas that interior designers use in order to liven up a living room! It's all about choosing the right seating and playing around with layout ideas until you find exactly the right ambience for you and your family and we really believe that you will find the answer to your decorating prayers, right here, so let's take a look!

1. Try having your sofas facing each other.

Contemporary Living room LLI Design Ruang Keluarga Modern
LLI Design

Contemporary Living room

LLI Design

Instead of positioning your sofas to all be looking at the television, maybe you should think about adopting a more sociable layout! Position your sofas to be looking at each other and you'll love how segregated the space feels, as well as how much more you talk to everyone you live with!

2. One sofa and two chairs, in a U-shape.

If you don't really have enough room for more than one sofa, you'll love how open your space will feel if you opt for a single sofa and two matching chairs, laid out in a friendly U-shape! You won't miss out on any seating potential but will get more room to play with.

3. Crack out the footstools for extra comfort!

There was a time when every living room had a footstool or two and that is coming back, in force! Perfect for making armchairs a little more comfy, they also offer extra seating opportunities when you have guests over as well. 

4. How about a chaise instead of a sofa?

Now here's a luxurious idea! Instead of plumping for a sofa, what about a few chaises? Relaxing, gorgeous and offering so much more style than just a bog standard settee, if you get a couple of them together, you'll almost have a daybed feel to your living room. So comfy!

5. Ditch the sofa altogether.

Gramps armchair Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs

Gramps armchair


Finally, if none of these tips have made you shout eureka, how about just not having a sofa at all? We know it's a bold move, but a piquant mix of armchairs, floor cushions and pouffes could makes for a far more interesting living room, not to mention a comfortable one! Make your own rules guys!

For extra living room tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Modern living room ideas.

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