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A Surrey family's sleek little loft extension

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Our newest homify 360° focuses on a heaven-sent addition that not everyone is fortunate enough to opt for: a loft extension added on top of an existing house to add not only more space, but also much more functionality and style.

This project comes to us from a Surrey family home, courtesy of London-based professionals Patience Designs, who also oversaw the contemporary renovation of the interior spaces.

Let’s see how this one turned out…

An elegant look

Know where those stairs lead? To the new extension… But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate the interior style of this hallway/staircase.

Flaunting a monochrome look, this space definitely knows how to keep it classy and elegant without going overboard, yet refrains from keeping it too safe either, as is evidenced by the patterned wallpaper adjoining the staircase, as well as the slight touch of contrast that can be seen by the décor (like that circular mirror).

The new bedroom

And what do we have here? A new bedroom that makes prime use of the new upstairs space. Sloping walls/ceilings means that we get a double dose of windows and/or skylights (you choose what you want to call them) that also usher in splendid natural lighting.

And kudos to the experts for that patterned wallpaper which not only ensures an eye-catching focal wall, but also goes a long way in bringing in some visual detail – so much so that we almost don’t need to add any more décor or wall art pieces!

The new bathroom

Clearly these experts understand the joy (and success) of patterns, for they treat us to another batch in the new bathroom in this loft extension. 

Seeing as the bathroom is a bit on the small side, the majority of the colour palette leans towards lighter/whiter colours, and doesn’t neglect its artificial lighting levels either. 

Whether it’s an extension, a full-on renovation or just some spruce-ups at home, have a look at our list of professionals who can help you out.

A touch of glamour

Of course a successful bathroom requires more than a toilet and shower – and here we can see that, even though legroom is a bit limited, this bathroom still presents all the necessities (and then some) without seeming cramped or cluttered.

Various fixtures and frames inject some shimmering gold into the room, contrasting rather beautifully with the monochrome colour palette. 

Most definitely an extension to inspire all!

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to adding a loft – see: What are the first steps I should take to convert my loft?

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