12 Tell-tale signs your decor style is: Modern

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12 Tell-tale signs your decor style is: Modern

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Capturing a modern aesthetic in your home would be a piece of cake for a talented interior designer, but how can us novices get it right, without straying into contemporary or rustic overtones? Well, we're about to tell you! We've taken a look at a selection of Canadian houses, decorated in modern-classic style. This handy list of 12 motifs that will really give the game away as to what you were trying to achieve and we think you're going to really love them! Chances are, you might already have a number of these design nuances in place, in which case, all you'll need to do is add a few more, or, you might be shocked to discover that your home is 100% modern already! Either way, what an exciting journey we have ahead of us, so let's get started!

1. You have natural stone worktops.

A modern home will always seek to infuse itself with timelessly beautiful natural materials and chief amongst them will be granite! A really beautiful and modern kitchen will always make great use of elegant granite and will let it shone through as the focal point of the room, as you can see here!

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2. Natural wood will be a primary design feature.

The warmth and elegance of natural wood is impossible to ignore, which is why so many modern homes showcase it to the fullest! Wooden structural elements, exposed roofs and stunning flooring are all perfect modern home motifs and natural wood goes so well with every other material!

3. You sleep on a high-level bed.

Here is where modern and contemporary homes differ, as contemporary ones will usually have low-level bedroom furniture that looks sleek and stylish, whereas modern homes have no qualms about prioritizing comfortable, classic high beds. You might even find that they are often divans, for a hint of handy storage!

4. Retro furniture will be used as a contrast.

Modern homes, in particular, living rooms, will usually be a mix of beautifully neutral colours and some gorgeous retro furniture. Especially popular are Danish pieces, which have smooth flowing lines and ergonomic shapes. It might sound strange to have retro pieces in a modern home, but trust us, they really work!

5. Lots of natural area rugs.

Modern homes really do dig on the natural materials vibe, which is why you won't find polyester rugs when real fleece or hide ones are available! Adding valuable texture and warmth to sleek wooden flooring, the rugs really are a staple and you'll normally find them in every room possible!

6. Floors will not normally be carpeted.

As we just discussed rugs, now would be a good time to bring up the issue of flooring. In a modern home, you will normally find open, sleek floors, finished to offer barefoot comfort and a little warmth as well. That's why wooden floors are such a staple, but you might also see some natural stone creeping in as well, particularly in heavy traffic spaces, such as hallways.

7. There'll be no shortage of amazing art.

Now we're really getting into what make s a home modern in style, as no property of this genre would be complete without some stylish art that gets your guests talking and provokes an emotional response! Pieces of art will normally be quite large and act as an easy focal point in every room.

8. Sculptural light fixtures will garner attention.

Modern homes always seem to know how to make lighting less of just a functional installation and more of a feature, which is why stunning and often sculptural main lights will be in place. We think you'll normally have something extra special above the dining table in a modern home!

9. Colour will be used in moderation.

If you're thinking that a modern home has to just be bright white and devoid of colour, you might be confusing contemporary styling with modern aesthetics, as a modern home will always use colour well, but in moderation. Warm neutrals will usually make up a large proportion of the design scheme, but you'll find some key accents dotted around too. Following the natural theme, colours from nature work really well.

10. An airy vibe will be maintained.

Modern homes normally seek to really amplify the amount of fresh space within them, which is why open-plan schemes are very common! A natural flow between rooms is sought after and, where possible, double ceiling heights are a valued commodity. This kitchen shows you why!

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11. You'll see pops of colour in private spaces.

Back to colour again, as modern homes often seem to have their most vibrant additions confined to private spheres, such as bedrooms, which is such a great design decision! A widely neutral home offers a wonderful level of cohesion, with a little extra personality reserved for bedrooms, which is where it should be! 

12. Lounging on leather furniture is expected!

Finally, a modern home wouldn't be complete without a little leather furniture here and there! Whether you have a heritage office chair, a swish leather sofa or a suave leather footstool in place, combined with a few of the other modern home motifs we've discussed, it will look utterly out of this world!

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