11 Thrilling kitchen back-splashes to inspire you

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11 Thrilling kitchen back-splashes to inspire you

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kitchen back-splash has to deal with some pretty high demands. It has to be easily cleaned after being splashed with grease, pasta sauce, and covered in moisture. It also is the visual backbone of the kitchen, the connection between the counter space and the shelving. It's exactly at eye-level too, so it really has the chance to shine. Our kitchen designers have taken advantage of that opportunity to the fullest degree. 

1. Quartz stone

It's easy to care for, it fits in with white modern spaces, and adds some texture. 

2. Metro tiles

Don't just go for plain white with these, do something funky like with this grey tile. 

3. Marble

There's a pristine element to this back-splash that shifts emphasis to the other amazing materials in the space. 

4. Metal

Whether you're looking for industrial, or cutting edge, metal back-splashes provide something special. 

5. Tile

Don't discount the typical. Tile has a huge range of colours and you can combine different tiles for a custom look. 

6. Wood

For a rustic kitchen feel, a little bit of wood as a back-splash is a winner. 

Speaking of unusual kitchens, check out the circular one in this off-grid BC home

7. Painted wood

For a classic, charming look, put some vibrant paint on that wood. 

8. Outdoor stones

You'd expect to see this kind of stone on a shepherd's wall, but it's neutral colours keep it working with the space. 

9. Wallpaper

I know, you'd think it would be a disaster. But there are special varieties suited to the task, and they bring some amazing shapes to the back-splash. 

10. Patterned tiles

If you have a small back-splash you can get a deal on some funky clearance tile to make the kitchen quite special. 

11. Latex film

You can lay down an image and protect it with a latex film.

Speaking of unusual kitchens, check out the circular one in this off-grid BC home.

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