7 wall claddings for the kitchen

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7 wall claddings for the kitchen

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As homes become more modern and designs become more cost effective and easy to DIY, there are now an increasing amount of innovative ways to decorate your walls. This goes beyond tiles, wallpaper and even paint, with ceramics, wood, acrylics and even plastics enhancing your decor. The kitchen however, is a place where form and function are intertwined. Beautiful walls, a cosy ambiance and excellent lighting are the perfect accompaniments for a sleek and stylish kitchen. These 7 wall cladding ideas are sure to inspire your kitchen upgrade, so let's take a look.

1. Plastic and acrylic paints

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow. Dapur Modern Oleh homify Modern

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow.


Include some eye-catching colour through kitchen wall cladding made from plastic or acrylic varnish. These varnishes are waterproof, fast-drying, durable and easy to clean, making them ideally suited for use in the kitchen. Many modern paints and varnishes also contain anti-mold agents, which is also quite handy.

2. Ceramic

Dapur Gaya Rustic Oleh homify Rustic Keramik

Ceramic tiles remain a popular choice when it comes to kitchen wall cladding. This option is easy to maintain and can handle water, greasy splashes, steam and many more. The colours and designs of ceramic tiles are limitless, allowing the kitchen to remain trendy and tasteful.

3. Wood

Chalet Gstaad Dapur Gaya Rustic Oleh Ardesia Design Rustic
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Kitchen panelling looks natural, cosy and minimalist. However, wooden panels are relatively sensitive to moisture, so consider only placing them on areas of the wall that won't be exposed to steam or water. It is also advisable to regularly oil wooden walls or opt for cladding made real wood instead of the inexpensive processed wood.

4. Vinyl

Another simple and easy to include wall cladding option for your kitchen is vinyl stickers. These can be customised to fit your needs and that of your budget too. They are easy to apply and available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your space.

5. Natural stone

White Gloss & Latte Oak Dapur Modern Oleh Creative Designs Modern
Creative Designs

White Gloss & Latte Oak

Creative Designs

Granite, slate, marble, sandstone and quartz natural stone are excellent choices for kitchen wall panelling, they can go from ultra modern and sophisticated to chic and rustic, suiting a variety of homes perfectly. 

6. Wallpaper

Dapur Gaya Eklektik Oleh Dec&You Eklektik

Wallpaper is another awesome kitchen wall cladding choice that suits a traditional home perfectly. Since, the modern technology has influenced decoration in recent years, wallpaper is now even easier to set up, clean and maintain.

7. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is relatively rare as wall cladding in the kitchen, but it has many advantages, such as its heat-resistance, easy to clean design and contemporary look that will remain fashionable for years to come. Here are 6 simple touches to give your kitchen a magazine look.

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