31 garden ideas for the entrance of your home

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31 garden ideas for the entrance of your home

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If you are someone who likes to have a beautiful home, throw in a garden right at the entrance of your home. A garden at the entrance lends an aesthetic appeal any house- big or small. A charming garden, with lawns, plants and flowers gifts you a refined experience. Combine these with stone, wood or other materials to create a beautiful entrance that will be your pride and your neighbour’s envy! You can customize the colours of flowers and other vegetation as per your choice, taste and preferences.

Think out of the box and vary the size of the garden according to the available space. The garden can be a small one, full of shrubs and vegetation. Or, you can go in for a larger garden devoid of any lawn. Install other structures like pergolas in the garden to enhance its looks. You may choose a stoned or tiled path for your garden. Landscaped gardens are popular all over the world. Here, we bring you thirty-one garden ideas that you may like to adopt for the entrance of your home.

1. Caricature in large stones with glass in the garden, with flowering flowerbeds placed under the panes.

modern  oleh monica khanna designs, Modern
monica khanna designs

Juanapur Farmhouse

monica khanna designs

2. Garden with granite floor and delicate, colourful flowers.

3. Stone path in the garden, wide enough, along with green shrubs and shades of colour.

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4. Garden with plump stones and green foliage, along with stairs

5. A modern entrance with light design and green lawn.

6. A garden with light rocks placed on green lawn, along with light rocks.

7. Discreet plants in minimalist garden with stone bed.

modern  oleh monica khanna designs, Modern
monica khanna designs

Juanapur Farmhouse

monica khanna designs

8. White and green shrubs along the wall in the garden

Oleh homify Modern

9. Rustic garden with cactus and a small garden on one side.

10. Wooden pergola in the garden with stone walls and low floor

11. Green foliage with brick flower beds in the garden.

12. Romantic garden with green colour shades, delicate in nature.

13. White stone path highlighting the lawn and plants in it

14. An essence of country air with profusion of flowers and plants at the entrance

15. Lovely garden with clay vases with rows of cypresses.

16. Bright garden with coloured shrubs by the path.

17. Sinuous shapes in the path in the lawn create movement.

18. A small tank goes well with a large entrance garden

19. Small garden with various colours to match the green lawn.

20. Stone blocks and inter-cage grass creating delicate designs with concrete.

21. Gardens with clear walls and dark green shrubs look beautiful.

22. Vertical gardens with varied colours are suitable for entrances.

Rumah Modern Oleh HUICHOL Modern

23. Vertical garden with a rustic stone floor.

24. Blend original trails of stone with flowering plants.

25. Pergola with hanging plants above wooden and stone path.

26. Garden with concrete pergola and bright-coloured plants at the entrance of the house.

27. Pergolas with green shrubs and natural materials adds prominence to the entrance.

28. Inclined gardens with stairs look great at the entrance.

29. Garden with hardwood and tall trees look beautiful.

Amendoeiras Alta Taman Modern Oleh Lanza Arquitetos Modern
Lanza Arquitetos

Amendoeiras Alta

Lanza Arquitetos

30. Combine your architecture with a single tree to create a good impact.

31. White flowers, with dense plants protect the privacy of homes if they are planted in the garden at the entrance of your home.

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