37 cast concrete floors that will have you considering one of your own!

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37 cast concrete floors that will have you considering one of your own!

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Ruang Keluarga Gaya Industrial Oleh ATDECO Industrial
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If you thought that you had to choose from carpet or wooden floorboards for your home, it's time to get with the programme and learn about a chic, hardwearing and industrial-inspired trend that is hitting the UK right now. We're talking about cast concrete floors! 

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that concrete is anything but cold or unfriendly in a home setting, especially if you add some extra glamour with stone chips or pigment, but don't simply take their word for it. We've found a huge number of amazing projects to show you today, each of which shows the inherent  suitability of concrete flooring for every room in your home, not just the high traffic areas, such as kitchens. Come with us now and prepare to think of concrete in a whole new light! 

1. Perfect for any industrial-inspired kitchen!

2. Smooth and chic, is this actually concrete?

3. What a great idea for high traffic areas!

4. Modern and classic all at the same time.

5. Hygienic and easy to maintain in the kitchen.

6. Finished in white, this is a really chic flooring style.

7. A little texture is no bad thing!

8. Wow! This style looks like poured quartz! So swish!

9. Look how well the light reflects here!

Ruang Keluarga Minimalis Oleh AShel Minimalis Kayu Wood effect

10. Where do the walls end and the floor begin? Seamless!

11. Such a great basis for exotic rugs.

12. The industrial beauty here is undeniable!

13. It's even exciting enough for a dramatic bedroom!

14. The swirled patterns here really add a new dimension of design.

Ruang Makan Gaya Industrial Oleh homify Industrial Beton

15. Talk about helping to make a small kitchen look bigger!

16. This is a timeless classic, with white walls in place.

17. How about a warm beige tone? Perfect for sunny kitchens!

18. Minimalism and concrete floors go hand in hand.

19. They even work with flamboyant furniture!

20. This floor looks great with warm wood on top of it.

21. Family homes really benefit from smooth concrete floors.

22. Can't get enough of a good thing? What about a matching cast island?

23. Unfussy spaces need understated flooring, so bring in the concrete!

24. Do you dare go dark and sleek?

25. Imperfect finishes are nothing short of perfect in our book!

Ruang Makan Modern Oleh homify Modern

26. A modern floor for a retro finish? Why not!

27. Woah! This tamped floor looks like wood!

28. How can one black step make a polished concrete floor look SO dynamic?

Ruang Makan Minimalis Oleh Boley Minimalis

29. Charming! Practical AND stylish. What a combination.

30. What a perfect contrast to the softness of the rug here!

31. This home looks endless, thanks to the sleek flooring finish.

32. Simple, smooth and neutral, this is a great basis that was ripe for colour pops.

Ruang Keluarga Gaya Industrial Oleh ATDECO Industrial

33. Concrete, wood and steel? What a match made in heaven.

Peckham Victorian house wrap around extension Dapur Gaya Industrial Oleh Ar'Chic Industrial

Peckham Victorian house wrap around extension


34. For a touch of extra glamour, how about cast concrete flooring with stone chips? Glittery!

35. So wonderfully understated, this concrete floor is the perfect finishing touch for such an industrial space!

36. Blink and you could miss the simplicity here, but it offers the perfect base for vintage furniture.

Ruang Keluarga Gaya Industrial Oleh studioQ Industrial

37. The mirror finish of this floor is the perfect way to end our article. Just look at that gleam!

For even more gorgeous flooring, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 eye-opening floor transitions that are works of art.

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