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Living in such a way that creates minimal harm to nature is not the sole responsibility of some government or private organisation. It is a task that needs our collective effort for we have offended this tender green planet of ours long and harshly enough. The necessity of building modern, comfortable and eco conscious homes came into the fore in the later half of the last century. Rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and use of modern vehicles have already started taking a toll on our ecosystem. We desperately needed a solution to stop and reverse the destructive process, something that unfortunately eludes us to this date.

So to continue living harmoniously with nature we started developing houses that are energy efficient, use recycled materials and alternate sources of energy. Contemporary architects started coming up with newer plans that would ensure that our modern way of living does not become a curse for future generations. This house in Florianópolis, planned by Marchetti Bonnetti, is not only eco conscious but also fashionable in its design. To experience it best, we will now step inside the Residência Premiê.


Florianópolis is best known for its beautiful beaches and a reputation of being a party lovers’ paradise. It is one of Brazil’s most populous cities. Residência Premiê occupies a premier residential area in the city. Its two storey building incorporates some of the best known design principles of modern architecture – free standing façade, use of pillars instead of internal walls, horizontal windows, free flowing interior and so on. Many of these have been made popular by famous architect Le Corbusier the details of which you will be able to learn from this article. Its smallish plot has reasonable greenery surrounding the building too.

Access to the interior of the building

A flight of stairs give access to the interior of the building, including the public and private quarters. A narrow veranda acts as a bridge between the front yard and the house itself. It is secured by glass railings.

Formal living room

The living room is decorated with a fashionable white sofa, bench, cosy armchair, stylish tables and a couple of simple chairs. Evocative works of art deck up the wall. Ceiling mounted spotlighting keep the room bright and cheery. However, a gorgeous wood floor surpasses all the other stylish items in use here. In fact, it also makes the white area rug look somewhat of an intruder. A piano graces one of corners of this open style lounge.

Dining space

Though only allowed a meagre amount of space in the entire room, in style and décor the dining area lives up to the lounge. This is largely due to the use of a simple but elegant set of dining chairs and a simpler wooden dining table. An interesting piece of art adorns the wall behind. One again, the beauty of the wood floor acts as ornamentation for the entire space.


Dark tone cabinets, shelves and storage units create a spectacular contrast with shiny white worktop, table and cabinet doors. Transparent acrylic chairs help in expanding the space with their chic yet unobtrusive presence. The mosaic floor adds another dimension to this already beautiful modern kitchen.

Entertainment area

The second floor level boasts of a tastefully decorated media room. Except for the cosy sofa beds and cosier area rug, the room is decorated with a gracefully designed book case. The TV cabinet and media items occupy one part of the room. The presence of a couple of amusing illustrations gave the fun filled atmosphere a further boost.


The second floor is also occupied by the master bedroom which is decorated in such style that allows calmness and repose to it. A comfortable bed, lightweight side table, elegant dresser and stylishly upholstered chair hold prominent positions in the bedroom. But the charming wall panel and floor surpass all other elements in beauty to create a truly joyful place to spend time in.

Kid’s room

The toddler’s room is decked up with comfortable kid’s cot, chair and shelves full of toys. A modish crystal chandelier brightens up the space by its mere presence. The subtle pattern of the wall paper and wooden floor help to create an ambience full of amiability.


A combination of high quality marble and wood gives this space a commendable look. Extensive use of mirrors helps to give a roomy feel. To reduce any unwanted noise bathroom fittings have been kept all white.


Residência Premiê boasts of a spacious sundeck and barbecue zone. It is embellished with a stylish sofa bed and coffee table. Trendy dining set occupies the central position in the barbeque zone. The addition of wood flooring and trellis in the ceiling help to create a smart place to spend quality time in.


A small but well maintained garden is another one of the house’s many assets. Enjoying the pleasure of walking barefoot on a strip of green grassy land that is fast becoming a rarity within the limits of a city is made possible by this area. A closer view of the building can also be obtained from here.

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