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The Majestic House on the Cliffs

Leigh Leigh
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Many of us were lucky enough to grow up near the sea or were privileged enough to go on holiday to the sea. Lollipops, sand castles and playing in the waves are fond, childhood memories. But do you remember the house that you stayed in?

If you had stayed in this Spanish seaside home, photographed by Eugeni Pons, you would never forget it!

Panoramic views of the bay, unique and futuristic architecture, simple and clean lines and a beauty that transcends the environment all dominate this incredible project. This a home that you come to when you want to escape from the hustle and the bustle and be cocooned in a space of warmth and style. The only problem is that you will never leave. 

Follow us on a tour to remember!

Magic boxes

The exterior of this home is extraordinary in that the architects have placed what looks like little boxes on top of each other, jutting out at different angles. Each box or cube has a transparent glass window in front of it. In this way the architects have ensured that every room in the house has a view from a different angle of the incredible surrounds. We've never seen anything like it!

This design is a far cry from the old, seaside houses found along South Africa's coast. Even the modern mansions don't pack a punch like this house does. The secret is in the edgy, modern and eclectic design. 

The shape of the boxes in enhanced by the black frames around the glass, which are offset by the stark white colour of the house itself. The exterior design pulls attention inwards, where the interior of the house is almost on display. Those outside, admire the inside while those inside, admire the outside. 

Sheer beauty

The living room of this fantastic beach house is designed open plan, so that each room flows into the next. The windows add to this open and light look and feel.

We love the bold red colours used here, which works beautifully against the backdrop of the blue ocean and the grey sky. The designers have used neutral wooden and grey furniture as well, using rugs and throws to introduce the deep red. 

The living room also opens up onto a patio where books can be read, naps can be had and birds can be watched. 

This is the ideal space for both winter and summer too! In summer, you can keep the doors open and enjoy a fresh breeze, while in winter you can close the doors and cuddle up under a blanket without the views being compromised. 

This is a perfect example of comfort and style colliding. 

Cosy modern comfort

From this angle we can see the fantastic, modern fireplace in the living room. This makes this space absolutely perfect for winter! Don't you love how the fireplace is suspended above the ground? 

Fireplaces are a great addition to any living room and especially great for this type of house. It means that it can be enjoyed all year round, even though a sea house is more commonly associated with summer. 

The bookshelf and comfortable cushions add to the comfort and style of this space. Aren't you just itching to curl up in front of the fireplace with a book?

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To infinity and beyond

The swimming pool is a fantastic addition to this wonderful home, providing a spot to cool down in while overlooking the incredible bay. This is a common theme in Eugeni Pons' photographs of houses. You can see another one of our favourites, here.

A pool overlooking views like this is a huge draw card for a property and increases its value. Think of summers sipping cocktails while watching dolphins swim in the ocean from a lilo in the pool or of relaxing afternoons spent playing games with the kids while swimming. You also get to have a swim without getting salty or sandy, while still having a seaside experience!

What's also so striking about this image is how the modern design of the pool contrasts with the natural surrounds. The designers haven't tried to get rid of the natural surrounds with manicured lawns or perimetre fences. Instead they have superimposed their design into the environment, allowing each to complement each other. 

Kitchen colours

This kitchen is one of our favourite spaces in this house, where chic white has been used throughout, creating a sleek and edgy look with the silver appliances. This is enhanced beautifully by the deep red bar stools that are positioned around the breakfast bar. Again, colour has been brought subtly into the space. 

You'll also notice that the kitchen isn't overly large, in fact it's quite compact and small. The architects have worked with the space available to them and, considering the open plan nature of the house, have opted for a smaller kitchen. This is perfect for the size for the house. 

The breakfast bar is also fantastic, allowing the kids or guests to sit and chat to the chef while she or he is cooking. This creates a very social environment. Imagine sipping on wine while your friend makes you a delicious feast! You can catch-up during the whole cooking process.

The best part? The views while cooking!

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Divine dining

The dining room has been positioned in the corner of the house, but is the ideal spot for enjoying a meal. 

For starters, it's right in the cube or box that we could see from the exterior, which means that during meals you can see the entire bay. During the day, this is fantastic for breakfasts and lunches. During the evening, with the moon reflecting off of the ocean, this creates a wonderful, romantic and calm ambiance. 

The lighting has been carefully considered in this space because you don't want it to be too bright while eating. The lighting should be soft and moody. The lamp achieves just this, offering enough light for diners to see what they are eating, without casting too much artificial light so that they feel like they are in a Broadway show. 

The furniture is subtle and elegant in this space. Dark, chocolate-coloured wood has been used while a simple plant decorates the space. A comfortable, neutral-coloured rug is underfoot. This understated design serves to highlight the extraordinary surorunds. 

Breathe in the bedroom

We end our tour in the bedroom, where classic and subtle style works effortlessly with the panoramic views outside. 

The designers have chosen very neutral linen and curtains, adding a splash of blue to the room. The main feature of the bedroom is the gorgeous, large glass windows that take up the whole wall. Just when we thought that views couldn't get any better, we see them from upstairs!

Houses by the sea don't have be boring or too basic. They can be subtle and understated, while still remaining modern and elegant. A little bit of trend and style creeps in, adding that little bit of edge.

We know where we are spending next summer!

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