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18 considerations when building your own closet

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If you've struggled to find the perfect wardrobe or closet design for your bedroom, maybe it's time to consider a more custom and indulgent solution. We're talking about hiring a talented carpenter to come and build you something totally one-off and unique to your home! It sounds great, doesn't it? A piece of organisation furniture totally geared towards the things you actually own and need to keep tidy? Well, before you go getting overly excited and hiring someone, we want to tell you about all the little decisions that will impact on your final design. after all, you might measure twice and cut once, but in the case of bespoke closets, you need to really dial the design in before you do anything else!

1. What style will actually work in and suit your space? You might want a walk-in design, but if you don't have the room, you'll need to adapt your expectations and look for something more realistic!

2. Where in your room is your closet going to go? This will impact on the materials you select and how much storage you can include. Try to be a little sensible here!

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design Erika Winters® Design Kamar Tidur Modern
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

3. Materials are a huge concern! You need hardy, strong structures, but also a pretty finish that works with your wider decorating choices, so don't just plump for the first material you see!

4. You'll need to think about what style of doors you are keen to include as well. Would mirrored panels be best for you, or solid wood perhaps? Sliding or open-out? Lots to think about!

5. How about choosing an open closet, which needs no closing doors and takes advantage of dead space? So luxurious and as close to a big walk-in as you can get!

6. You'll need to leave yourself space for dual hanging rails, as different items need more or less draping space! Think about shirts, trousers and long dresses and account for them all.

7. A simple solution is a built-in closet with traditional open-out doors. This classic design can work well in any age of home and with any colour too.

8. Sliding doors offer a far more contemporary and space-savvy solution for hiding away your closet! So perfect if you know you won't keep it as tidy as you should!

9. When it comes to door materials, you are literally spoilt for choice, with glass, frosted glass, wood and all manner of other options available! What would work best in your room?

10. Let's think about the overall aesthetic of your closet now. Are you going to choose a standout, focal point piece of furniture or blend it in with the surroundings? Only you can decide!

11. How about some clever solutions for maximising your closet space? Pull-out baskets and trays can be suspended in dead space and are perfect for all those space-draining and easily lost accessories!

12. If you don't like getting tied down to one design, this industrial scheme will definitely appeal to you! With changeable shelf heights and rails, you can account for everything you own, at any time.

13. If space is tight in your bedroom, how about taking some inspiration from this incredible closet? Built around a television, it has created a one-stop feature wall of dreams! So practical too!

14. Don't forget that your corners can be valuable real estate, in terms of adding extra shelves and storage to a closet! What a great solution!

15. We implore you not to forget about your shoes! Making a dedicated space for them will not only look great, it will protect them as well.

16. While taking inspiration from gorgeous closets is a good idea, don't forget to customise your design properly. Getting the right combination of drawers, shelves and rails will make organising your home so much simpler.

17. If you're really stick for which material to use for your closet, let us suggest either real wood or melamine. Melamine is cheaper and easier to clean, but real wood is timeless and chic. Which is more important to you?

18. Design something as unique as you are! If you don't want doors, don't have them! If you just want shelves, you go for it! This is a piece of storage furniture that has to work for you, not against you, so don't compromise!

For more bedroom storage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 corner wardrobes that maximise bedroom storage.

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