16 garden fence ideas your neighbors will want to copy

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16 garden fence ideas your neighbors will want to copy

Naia Carlos Naia Carlos
Low Maintenance Garden Taman Gaya Eklektik Oleh Cherry Mills Garden Design Eklektik
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Fences for the garden may not be absolute essentials in your property, but it’s always a good idea. Not only does it tuck your home away from prying eyes, but it could also be a design piece that completes the façade of the house. If you have a garden, fencing also protects the flowers and plants from stray animals and allows your children (and pets) a safe area to play outside.

Check below for ideas to create a charming fences for your garden that will make the neighbors drool.

9. The great wooden classic

This type of fence around the garden is one of the classics. Natural wood is pleasing to the eyes and the design keeps the inside truly protected from the neighbors.

10. Tropical vibe

For a laidback vibe that’s quite exotic, mix up the types and shades of wood used in the space. In this expansive tropical-inspired garden, a sitting area made out of light wood contrast nicely with the black garden fencing. Flourishing plants and a pond only add to the tranquility of the outdoor area.

3. The power of symmetry

patio with raised sitting area and suspended brick barbecue Taman Modern Oleh Progressive Design London Modern
Progressive Design London

patio with raised sitting area and suspended brick barbecue

Progressive Design London

Another factor to take into account when we talk about fences for the garden is its shape and the shape of the elements within it. Balance and symmetry in any part of the house creates a sense of stillness. The natural colors only add to the organic atmosphere in the yard.

11. Graceful and sinuous shapes

A curved deck links the seating area to the house Taman Gaya Asia Oleh Lush Garden Design Asia
Lush Garden Design

A curved deck links the seating area to the house

Lush Garden Design

In modern gardens, many of the elements feature straight lines and strong, sturdy materials. In the featured home, the landscape architect and decorator broke the trend to present a beautiful fence with delicate curves and shapes. The upper part of this fence features lattice edging that exudes both elegance and coziness.

8. Different levels

Here’s another wooden fence for the garden. This time, the landscaper opted to break the different parts of the yard in a few levels. Not only does dividing the green space into several sections keep the space incredibly neat and orderly, but it also suits gardens both big and small.

4. Rooftop garden

This time the garden is not located in the backyard, but in a beautiful terrace. Instead of traditional garden fencing, the designer chose a lattice with a colonial vibe. This allows a certain intimacy within the enclosed space so the residents can lounge in absolute peace. Winding plants up the lattice keeps the feature natural and very pleasant.

12. Interior separations

In the featured home, the fence does not isolate the home from the neighbors. Instead, it is built to separate spaces within the garden itself. It blends perfectly with the rattan furniture chosen for this laidback outdoor area.

5. Combination design

Black granite and concrete shutter board wall Taman Gaya Industrial Oleh Robert Hughes Garden Design Industrial
Robert Hughes Garden Design

Black granite and concrete shutter board wall

Robert Hughes Garden Design

A separation fence is installed to protect the garden from the neighbors, but that doesn’t mean the homeowners can’t get a little bit creative and experiment with the aesthetics. From solid stone to pristine wood, the final product is stunning and a very original way to make the home stand out.

13. Light hues

Narbonne Avenue Clapham Taman Minimalis Oleh Bolans Architects Minimalis
Bolans Architects

Narbonne Avenue Clapham

Bolans Architects

There is life beyond brown and earth tones that garden fences usually sport. Here, the homeowner opted for a hue is a very light, which considerably brightens the enclosure.

6. Additional fencing

Bowden House Taman Minimalis Oleh Aralia Minimalis Batu

Bowden House


Sometimes, you end up with fencing that is far too low. Residents can achieve a more effective garden fence by simply adding latticework on top of the existing wall. This way, you don’t have to redo the fencing and spend extra unnecessary time and money.

14. Expanding the space

Girl and the cat Taman Modern Oleh BLACKHAUS Modern Kayu Wood effect

Girl and the cat


For terraces or gardens as small as the one we see here, the designer must look for a fence that doesn’t take up too much space visually. Lightly-colored fences are best as well as designs that are not too solid and closed off. Check out how the fence above are quite open so it doesn’t restrict the space too much.

15. Classic lattices

Claremont Road Taman Modern Oleh Will Eckersley Modern
Will Eckersley

Claremont Road

Will Eckersley

The classic diamond lattice is one type of garden fencing that never goes out of style. There’s something charming and very romantic that’s perfect for roses and vines winding up the wall.

2. A green wall

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House. Taman Modern Oleh Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

If the garden or terrace has very high walls, there can be a certain feeling of being locked up and constricted. One wonderful solution is to fill the wall with hedges or vines that can visually improve the terrace. The green space creates a welcoming space outside the home.

1. A little creativity

For more creative homeowners, a fence like the one above can satisfy their whimsy. Random gaps in the solid wooden planks keep the fence visually interesting, while the trees add vitality to the modern façade.

16. Hedges for the fences

Contemporary screening , fencing & wall panels Taman Modern Oleh Paul Newman Landscapes Modern
Paul Newman Landscapes

Contemporary screening , fencing & wall panels

Paul Newman Landscapes

To keep the fences wholly integrated with the garden, tuck it behind a wall of flourishing hedges. This way, the house remains protected, but still very green and friendly.

7. Sinuous simplicity

Eco Fencing project Taman Gaya Skandinavia Oleh Atkinsons Fencing Ltd Skandinavia
Atkinsons Fencing Ltd

Eco Fencing project

Atkinsons Fencing Ltd

Adapting to the plants and the perfectly rounded shape of the hedges, the last fence is compact but creates a light and sinuous shapes. For people who want to learn how to separate the terrace from the neighbors while keeping costs low, check out these 15 cheap but effective garden fence ideas

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