6 Mediterranean architecture tips for the home

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The architectural designs featured here celebrate the colors, textures, arched entrances and windows, and stucco walls central to Mediterranean architecture. At one point or another, we have all been awed by the striking beauty of Mediterranean style architecture, hence we would like to explore these designs in detail here. 

Let's browse through some of these gorgeous Mediterranean architectural styles and see if we can find some inspiration. 

Mediterranean colors

Mediterranean architecture looks particularly striking in warm terra-cotta colors such as this lovely shade of pink used on this restaurant's exterior. Mediterranean colors can also range from hues of blues and greens to warmer shades of orange. The color scheme is often inspired by the natural surroundings.  

Here, the landscaping, stone garden, warm orange tiles, and dainty pink flowers compliment the rustic Mediterranean architecture of the building. We also love how the colonial style doors and windows add a classic, vintage touch to the building. 

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Mediterranean Loggia

A loggia is a typical architectural feature of Mediterranean designs, and can be described as a a space that has arched openings on either end and serves as a place for leisure, like a verandah. 

The loggia is a great place to have an indoor garden and also creates cross-ventilation in the home, improving air quality and letting in plenty of natural light. 

Once again, a pretty shade of pink has been used on the exteriors, while the interiors are lined with a bright white. 

Greek architecture

This building is reminiscent of Grecian coastal homes with their bright white exteriors and stucco finish. The unique, rounded roofs are shaped like that of a stupa and add a nice contrast to the otherwise typical rectangular shapes common to Greek architecture. 

This beautiful home is designed by Azzurra Garzone Architetto

Mediterranean revival architecture

Mediterranean revival architecture is a design style which was first introduced in the U.S. as a result of the blend of modern styles and Mediterranean styles. It exudes with old world rustic charm and often features clay barrel orange roof tiles, picturesque courtyards, and arched windows. The key to distinguishing Mediterranean revival architecture is the tile roof and reticent ornamentation. 

Beach house

The perfect design for a beach house could be Mediterranean style architecture as it comes from the coast as well. The bright white exteriors contrasted with orange or red tile roofs harmonize perfectly with the blues and greens of the coastal surroundings. 

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