7 vastu tips to keep the negative energy away from your home

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7 vastu tips to keep the negative energy away from your home

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The world if composed of energy. Our home is not an exception. It is filled with energy and since we live there it starts influencing us in a better way or in the opposite. We all want to live a fairy-tale life in the home of our dream, happily ever after… . Isn’t it? To lead a happy and contented life, our house should be filled of positive vibe. There should be no place for negative energy. In today’s ideabook we have brought for you 7 divine ideas to ward off negative energy from your home. Have a look!

​A house as a whole

May be you have spent a fortune in building up a home which is full of all the modern amenities, expensive décor, and all the facilities to lead a comfortable life, but if the exterior is not as clean and maintained as the interior, it will surely attract negative energy. Keep that balance between the interior and exterior of the house and lead a happy life with your family.

​Welcome home

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Like an esteemed guest welcome the positive energy inside the home from the stunning entrance of your beautiful home. Hang a chime, keep it well lit, and decorate it to make it look stunning. Positive energy will be attracted towards the door to keep off the negative vibe.

​Statue of God

Make a temple or pooja space in your home. Be a believer and even if you are not, still keep the statue and images of God in your home. It will drive away the negative energy.

​Kill the darkness

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Switch on the lights of the entire home in the evening even if it is for a short time. Darkness is depressing and attracts negative energy. A well lit home looks happy and feels happy.

​Change the layout

Change the layout of the rooms, add colours and clear it of any mess to bring positivity into your home. Changing the layout, like furniture, vases, cushions, carpets, etc, will add freshness into the space. Clean and dust it daily, keep the mess out, through away the broken pieces and you will feel that the negative energy has been cleared out from your home.

​Bring home the nature

Nature has granted the purification power to plants. Use it to purify your home. It is a scientifically proven fact that plants purify our air, improve our health and quality of life, freshen our body, mind and soul and much more. Take advantage of the benefits of plants and fill your home with fresh and positive energy.

​Energize the bathroom

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It is the bathroom where we clean ourselves, both internally as well as externally. It is important to keep the bathroom vastu compliant too. Decorate it well, make it fragrant and fresh, choose a vibrant colour for it, keep the mirror clean and clear and always remember to keep the toilet seat down after use. Follow these to prevent draining out the positive energy and keeping off the negative.

Take clue from this ideabook and fill your home with positive energy: 9 Vastu tips to fill your home with positive energy 

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