24 Beautiful and simple ideas for house entrances

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24 Beautiful and simple ideas for house entrances

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 Rumah oleh au cubo arquitetura, Modern
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The entrance of the house needs special attention and it should be made beautiful, pleasing and presentable. It is from this area that people enter the house. If you think that for creating an impressive entrance, you need to do a lot of remodeling or need to spend a lot of money, you are mistaken. There are some details with which, if you work, you can get an amazing entrance.

In this article, there are innumerable ideas which can be used for house entrances with large as well as small facades. Large numbers of elements are not used in the entrances, but they have the added beauty and personality to the space exceptionally well. All the images that are shown are works of registered professionals of Homify.

1.       Here the entrance is quite wide and the floor is made of tile. There are couples of steps that lead to the home entry. Check out the stone clad wall and the side garden, which adds a different beauty to the place. The sensational lighting makes the place look more attractive.

2.      The entrance is made elegant by framing the wooden door with stone. It looks simple, but has sophistication beyond words. The charming lantern hanging from the ceiling adds to the beauty of the entrance.

3.      The use of stone, wood and the rustic garden – easy to make and imparts great looks.

4.      The simple wooden frame adds a unique touch to the place. The whole façade of the house has a changed appearance with this kind of arrangement.

5.      The driveway is accompanied by a minimalistic garden.

6.      The wooden pergola helps in framing the entrance smartly and stylishly at the same time.

 Rumah oleh homify, Modern

7.      The combination of glass and concrete with use of no other elements.

 Taman oleh homify, Tropis

8.      Creating a tropical garden with colourful flowers and abundant greenery.

 Taman oleh homify, Tropis

9.      A gate made of stainless steel with impressive and stylish designs done on it.

10.      Retaining the traditional charm with a rustic porch.

11.      Modern entrance with combination of different elements – a small garden, a concrete path, use of glass and wood and placement of sculptures – complex but well designed.

12.      A natural looking stone wall for natural and warm welcome into the house.

13.      When there is budget constraint – a simple porch, which provides abundant space to enjoy.

 Teras oleh homify, Asia

14.      Clean, open and simple entrance. There are distinct elements, which add to the charm of the place including the warm lighting and the small garden.

15.      The stylishly done mini pergola for the discreet and small entrance.

16.      Stepped path running right in the middle of the lawn.

17.      This entrance style is just perfect for small houses. Full of charm, the entrance has wood coverings and imitation stone in use.

 Rumah oleh homify, Klasik

18.      Adding modernity to the home entrance with the stone cladding on the wall.

19.      Minimalistic tropical landscaping, which is simple and beautiful. The combination of white and green can never go wrong.

 Rumah oleh homify, Mediteran Keramik

20.      The wide wooden door with concrete walkway amidst greenery. Check out the way in which the house has been numbered. The unique design and style needs special mention.

21.      A very modern entrance style with a wooden door in dark color and a little stone path in front.

 Rumah oleh Arki3d, Modern

22.      Inspiration from Mediterranean styles for a fresh and modern entrance.

23.      The use of yellow stone in the entrance is sure to create a different impact. Check out the small garden right at the entrance. This is easy to do and looks beautiful. The overall appearance stands out no doubt!

 Rumah oleh homify, Modern

24.      Completely modern and original designs in straight and plain lines.

 Rumah oleh homify, Modern
 Rumah oleh Casas inHAUS, Modern

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