10 creative puja units ideal for small homes

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10 creative puja units ideal for small homes

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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One of the unique elements of an Indian house is the puja room. Unfortunately, modern living in urban spaces often doesn't allow the space for a puja room on its own. Fortunately though, a puja room doesn't actually require that much of space. After all, what you really need is space for an altar, mandir or ghar right? Well, in today's idea book we have some great ideas for you on how to turn small spaces into a puja corner. There are also some gorgeous models of puja units available here on homify on display. We have something for every taste and every budget, so join us and find out what's in store for you. 

1. A simple wooden platform

This is a nice idea if you prefer to have your puja space in a central area of the home so that it stands out on its own quite a bit. Some simple wooden platforms are all you really need to imitate the puja unit shown here. Decorate the space around it with plants and a traditional Indian rug to bring more attention to the space. 

2. Spread out on the wall

This unique puja corner is definitely one of a kind. We love how the designers have made use of wall shelving to place the gorgeous statues of deities spread out on the wall so elegantly – it makes this simple puja corner look bigger, but without taking up much floor space. The dresser is used to place the main centerpiece, which is enhanced by the long mirror hanging on the wall. The golden bells hanging from the ceiling complete this creative puja space.

3. Wooden wall panel

Wall panels can make excellent puja units if they are designed properly. As you can see here, this gorgeous wooden wall panel has two niches which allow space for the altar and lighting. It also has some Sanskrit words carved on to its golden embellishment, which is beautifully illuminated by the lighting. An empty wall in a dark corner of your home could look like this.  For more ideas, here are 9 pooja rooms for a small home.

4. Integrate it into the console unit

Console units are great for storage, decoration and almost every home has one. So why not make use of the console unit for a puja space as well? The design here is unconventional and unassuming yet quite visually interesting with various layers of colours and patterns defining and highlighting this puja console unit. This is a puja unit which doesn't necessarily look like a traditional puja unit, making it unique and modern. For more inspiration, here are 10 ideas for pooja rooms.

5. At the entrance

The entrance is an excellent space for a puja unit, both auspiciously according to Vashtu Shastru and also practically for small homes. The one pictured here is set on a floating dresser against a background of glass painted in bright magenta. The elegant puja unit is lighted with spotlights and framed in white. 

6. A pretty puja cabinet

Ruang Keluarga Modern Oleh homify Modern

With a pretty puja cabinet like the one pictured here, what else could you ask for? Installed on the wall, the small cabinet which is intricately designed with latticed screen doors and translucent glass looks gorgeous and doesn't take up much space at all. The puja cabinet also has lights in it which allow the altar to be seen more clearly, yet without being too 'in your face'. 

7. Wall niche

If you're really short on space at home, we recommend a wall niche like the one pictured here, which can be easily transformed into a beautiful puja unit. This design has a nostalgic traditional Indian village feel to it with its roughly plastered walls evoking and air of pure simplicity and meekness. For more ideas, here are 10 pictures of pooja rooms in kitchens.

8. Small mandir

Oleh homify

A traditional puja unit would essentially be a mandir like the one pictured here, which is great for small homes too. There is a myriad of mandir designs to choose from, so make your decision wisely by considering the overall decor and design of the room you plan to place the mandir in. Make sure you keep the space well-lighted. 

9. Harmonized in the living room

Ruang Keluarga Modern Oleh homify Modern

The puja unit pictured blends in and harmonizes with the living room perfectly. This is because the TV console unit has a continuous design with the puja unit and all the colours mix and match flawlessly. The two-sided wall also makes it a great space to create this kind of design, considering that the puja unit would look quite awkward if it was placed right next to the TV. 

10. Wooden puja unit

Ruang Keluarga Gaya Asia Oleh homify Asia Kayu Lapis

This dark wooden puja unit would look stunning in any home we think, combined with some lighting and all the majestic deities adorned with colourful flowers. Even though this model is quite big compared to the ones we've showed you earlier, it is quite practical in the sense that it has storage compartments as well. 

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas here and will be able to take some inspiration from them for your very own puja space. For more inspiration, have a look at 7 beautiful pooja room designs.

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