Modern interior: large windows and multifunctional spaces

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Modern interior: large windows and multifunctional spaces

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
AR Design Studio- Abbots Way Ruang Makan Modern Oleh AR Design Studio Modern
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Modern interiors are supportive of modern lifestyles: those that are active, fun and include lots of socializing.  Work hard, play hard, is the mentality of those living today, where multi-tasking every area of your life includes  cherishing those spaces which can present themselves as secure, holistic safe spots. Of course, these spaces should include your home.

Don't think of modern homes as harsh, stark and bland, more so think of them as multifunctional, open and promoting a wholesome life – whether that be growing fresh herbs, spending more time outside, or entertaining more guests.  Below we have listed six ways in which modern homes are representative of multifunctional spaces, and how you can recreate these spaces in your own home!  Before you know it you'll feel more inspired, lively and even healthy!

Find a detached house with garden

AR Design Studio- The Medic's House Rumah Modern Oleh AR Design Studio Modern
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- The Medic's House

AR Design Studio

Perhaps what most homeowners dream of, if not already in their possession, is a detached house with plenty of backyard and gardening space.  This is an ideal amount of space for either a starter family or a family to last in for decades to come.  Providing space for each member of the family, as well as not too much space when the children are older and leave, a single detached home is, in our opinion, the best way to go.

Make sure you're picking a home of your tastes, with plenty of room for socializing and outdoor gardening and other activities.  Also make sure, financially, that you're choosing an area that will increase in property value, rather than decrease.  This part is the most crucial and will require the most research.  Look at where your neighborhood will be five, if not fifteen years down the road!

Arrange a space without borders

Open-concept living plans are not a new concept!  Most think that the larger your home, the less you feel as though you need open concept.  Originally used to make smaller spaces seem larger, now homeowners and designers alike have realized that open-concept living promotes an open and healthy lifestyle, making everything within your home both visible and accessible.

As seen here, it is possible to create separate areas, even within an open-concept plan! You're actually forced to be a bit more creative with the arrangement and positioning of furnishings and decor, because this is one of the only ways to establish different areas and their different functions. In this open-concept living area, you can clearly see the difference between the living area, dining area and bedroom in the back, left corner!

Multi-purpose open space: cooking

One of the most important areas of any home (literally, it's for survival!) is the kitchen!  Making this space multi-functional and open will make your life so much easier!  This kitchen is a wonderful example of a typical cottage or French-country style kitchen – open cabinetry, hand-on access to all the food and cooking utensils, as well as a promotion of the original and the rustic.

The raw wood island is great in that it can double as a durable chopping block and be great for cleaning fruits, vegetables and meat.  To the near right of this kitchen is clearly access to the exterior because of the amount of natural light.  Having a direct line of access between your kitchen and the patio/backyard will allow you to easily grab fresh vegetables and herbs and serve your guests as they're sitting outside!

Make yourself the perfect outdoor cooking space like the one pictured here!

Multi-purpose open space: eating

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way Ruang Makan Modern Oleh AR Design Studio Modern
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

One of the best parts of your day, or your guests' day, is eating.  A multi-functional eating space should mean that everything is accessible, available, clean and organized. This dining area is available to almost any part of the home because the open-concept plan works great here.  The sliding glass doors also make it fully open to the outside for fresh air breaks or to check on food on the grill.

The best part about this space? Once you and your guests are done eating, you can easily change speed and head into the living room, or outside, for a nice relaxing evening with your guests.

This kitchen also shows the beauty of connecting the exterior and interior of your home!

Multi-purpose open space: chatting

Ruang Makan Modern Oleh homify Modern

Whether you're eating and chatting with colleagues, or chatting with longtime friends at a weekend dinner party – make sure your chatting and eating areas are multifunctional and welcoming! This should include an extending dining room table, tons of seating (modern folding chairs are a great choice here,) and as seen in this example, a chalkboard paint wall is great for either displaying the available menu of the night, or for fun party games!

Although we can't see windows or much natural light in this dining room, that is okay, because the proper use of light and highlighting the crown molding both make this space great!

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard or patio area with perks, take a look at how this designer fully utilized an outdoor space that's great for socializing year-round!

Create a connection between the open space and the garden

The final, and most important, inclusion of a modern home is the connection between the exterior and the interior.  Architects of modernity value the type of lifestyle we choose to live (a whole one) and this include more natural light, fresher foods, more socializing and a a return to our original connection with nature.

If you're not blessed with floor-to-ceiling open windows, or a large backyard and patio space, that is ok.  Open all the windows you possibly can, position your dining room table as close as you can to all windows and doors, for easy access to outdoor cooking/grilling, and make it feel like summer year round in your home.

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