Become a Pro at Home Decoration with these Tips and Ideas

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Become a Pro at Home Decoration with these Tips and Ideas

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Home decoration is almost as important as home construction, and it comes naturally if the residents have an artistic taste. However not everyone is a designer and not everyone is an artist, but there is no one who does not like a well designed and decorated house. When it comes to design and decor, there are no hard and fast rules, however there are certain ideas that usually work in every place, and some ideas that you never thought will work. In this ideabook, we have for you some home decorating tips and ideas that will make your home look like decorated by specialist professionals in design and decor.

Highlight Something Unique

When designing a room, plan for something unique that will make the entire room come alive. It could be a showpiece, it could be a fireplace, a hanging light or like in this case a piece of furniture. Make sure that there are not more than one such elements and highlight them by using good contrast, and focused lights. For more living room ideas see here.

Layered Lighting

You could have an extremely bright lit room, but it will not have the same effect as a room with soft lighting in multiple layers. Lighting is perhaps one of the most important factor when it comes to interior design tips. You can create the layered lighting in multiple ways : concealed lights, ceiling lights, suspended lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and focus lights. Lighting is one area that you might need professional help for, so do not hesitate and seek a professionals help to achieve the best lighting effect that plays such an important part in the design of your room.

Choose a color that makes your room look spacious

As a general concept, everyone likes a room that appears open and spacious. One of the most popular home decor ideas is to use lighter colors on the walls that will make every piece of furniture and every decorative element on the wall stand out against the background and make even a small room a little bigger. Here is a cozy home with amazing decor ideas.

Less is always better than more

You can never go wrong with simplicity. If you are ever confused about which style should you go for your home, always go for the one which is simpler and has lesser number of elements. Under use of upholstery is better than over use of it, and also it makes the room look smaller. In this room the light and the leather table stand out because rest of the elements are kept subtle.

The right height of wall decoration

We are generally in a practice of hanging pictures and paintings high on the wall, however if you look in the art galleries, the pictures are hung at the right height, which is the eye level. The eye level is generally on an average 5 ft 3 inches to 5 ft 6 inches and a painting that has a center at anywhere between there two levels will look more appealing and attractive to the eyes. Hence keeping the right position vacant at the wall where you wish to hang a masterpiece is very important. You might be interested in these easy DIY home decor projects.

Decorate house, but know when to stop

Decorate the house in any way you like, but always make sure to know when to stop decorating it any further. There is an optimum level of decoration, and anything less than that might look good, but anything more than that makes the room look cluttered. In this picture, there is no element that stands out and attracts the focus as there are so many textures, colors and elements used that make the room look busy and chaotic. Want to check if you are making any of these home decor mistakes?

Decorating the Kitchen

There are a lot of kitchen decor ideas, that can make the kitchen look more of an entertainment place than a work place. Using colors in kitchen cabinets, accent lighting over the work tops or the kitchen island, keeping open shelves to add some utility decorative items are just to name a few. There are many styles in which you can decorate your kitchen, right from minimalist to rustic to modern and industrial. If you want decoration tips in low budget, here we have 10 cheap kitchen decor hacks for you.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

A bedroom needs to be comfortable in the first place. Anything else is secondary. For the bedroom soft layered lighting works the best and you have the option of adjusting the amount of light you require. Having a lot of natural light in the room can just never go wrong, the more the merrier, and of course you can control it by using blinds and curtains. See these 15 spectacular bedroom design ideas.

So basically keeping the design simple, with a few statement pieces that get the attention focused is just what does the trick in decorating any room. Less is always more when it comes to decoration and keeping things subtle will go a long way in the decoration of your house.

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