10 external fences to protect your home

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10 external fences to protect your home

 Taman oleh Simran Kohli, Modern
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Ever thought that the humble external fences that we erect to protect our home can make or break the appeal and personality of the house? In modern homes, fences are no longer there to mark the boundaries only. It is now widely used to enhance the beauty of the garden and frame it. It is there as a focal point of the façade and as an introduction to the homeowner’s style. It is vital to choose the right fences for the exterior of your home as it says a lot about what is expected beyond it. 

Today we have brought for you 10 wonderful external fencing ideas that will not only amaze you but also inspire you with some stunning ideas perfect for your home. Have a look!

​1. Accentuating the style

This uniquely designed external wall serving as a fence aptly accentuate the style of the house it is protecting and merges with its elegance. It is even customized to create space for a few planters to make it green.

​2. Horizontal metal fence

 Rumah oleh homify, Modern

Horizontal simple and minimalist metal fence strongly makes its presence felt without blocking the view of what’s inside. Inside the façade of the modern house is designed in unison with the fences.

​3. Classic white fence

This classic half concrete and half iron fence is an elegant version of simple iron fencing upgraded to suit the style of the owner and complement the house. Keep it simple to align with the minimalist style of today.

​4. Garden fence

Simplicity and sturdiness of the contemporary iron fence is setting a boundary for the plants running with it. Someday the plants will be large enough to form a green curtain all along the fencing.

​5. Charming fence with a vertical garden

Small miniature pots fills into the empty walls of the fence turning it into a beautiful vertical garden. The only challenge is that you will have to water-prove the wall well so that you can water the plants without damaging it.

​6. Stacked up stones

Stones stacked up diligently; intertwined with each other brings up the style and strength into the fence. Spotlights on the wall will create a mysterious atmosphere in the night. Get ready to feel regal!

​7. High to low with a shine

 Taman oleh homify, Modern

This creatively designed fence will surely grab the attention of the passerby. Stone covered wall on one side, metal gates in the middle and then low wall with shiny blocks breaking the monotony and adding style to it. It’s stunning!

​8. Durability with elegance

Crafted lattice on the metal, sturdiness of the stone and softness of greenery peeping from inside and protecting from outside; the combination of wood and metal brings in an enduring character to this modern fence.

​9. Layered protection

 Halaman depan oleh Grecor, Rustic

Half wall of brick and concrete got an extension of iron rod for some extra protection which is further covered horizontally with canes for some privacy.

10. Simplicity speaks style

Simple slab standing horizontally marking the boundary of the home brings back the memories of Colonial charm filling us with nostalgia. Sometimes nothing can beat the elegance of simplicity.

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 Rumah oleh Casas inHAUS, Modern

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