6 Ways to Deep Clean your House

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Even with regular vacuuming and cleaning, dirt finds a way into our homes. Spaces like the back of a picture frame, grill joints, insides of lampshades etc are often overlooked in a regular clean up and are magnets for dust and dirt. Though everyone dreams of living in a spotless home, cleaning these areas every day isn’t a feasible idea. However, you can’t ignore it either knowing that the accumulated dust attracts microbes and promotes allergies. A more realistic idea would be to schedule a deep clean for your home every six to eight months.

Deep cleaning is a housekeeping service offered by professionals but one that can be done on your own as well. When deep cleaning a home it is best to tackle a house one room at a time. Within the room, start at the ceiling and work your way downwards to effectively clean the entire house. Deep cleaning takes time and effort so set aside a day for each room.

You could break a room into four vertical spaces while deep cleaning a home. The top level includes everything that is above your head from air vents and ceiling fans to skylights. The second level includes everything at eye level such as curtains, windows, and wall art. The next lower space includes furniture, counter tops, upholstery etc. Last, tackle the bottom level or floor level by taking care of all your carpets, flooring, staircases etc.  Here are a few tips to help you deep clean your house.

Move your furniture

Cleaning the floor level of your house is the last stage of deep cleaning a house. While on a day to day basis you may clean around the furniture when deep cleaning removes all the furniture from a room before cleaning the floor. A mop dampened with a mild soap and water solution can be used to clean wooden floors while a tiled floor can be mopped with chemical disinfectants. Be careful before using any chemicals on stone or marble flooring. It is best to test a product on a small area before using it in the entire room.

Steam clean

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Steam cleaning not only rids your home of dust but also eliminates germs, mold, and fungus.  Steam cleaning is especially effective for hard to remove substances like glue, chewing gum or wax. The steam loosens the dirt making it easy to remove while the hot temperatures disinfect the area. Steam cleaners can be used on a number of household surfaces ranging from upholstery and mattresses to floor tiles and mirrors. A steam cleaner can also be used to sanitize pet beds, litter boxes, and rubbish bins. Avoid using steam cleaners on walls painted with water based paints and on delicate fabrics like silk.

Cleaning your rug

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Rugs and carpets need to be vacuumed on a weekly basis to maintain their look. To determine when a carpet needs to be deep cleaned, hang it outdoors and beat a corner. If you can see dust coming out of the carpet it is time to be deep cleaned. Steam cleaning is one of the most common ways of deep cleaning a rug. For wall to wall carpeting, this is also often the most budget-friendly solution. Some carpets can even be washed in a washing machine while the more delicate silk rugs will need to be dry-cleaned. When deep cleaning a house, look at not only area rugs but also foot mats and staircase carpeting.

Wash your curtains

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While bed linen and throw cushion covers get washed at least once a week, curtains are rarely looked at. Most curtains can be easily washed in a washing machine. Delicate sheers and silk curtains may need to be dry cleaned for them to look their best. Once the curtains have been taken down, wipe the pelmets and curtains rods with a wet cloth before hanging the curtains up again. Along with this also clean curtain ties and other such accessories. These usually need to be hand washed to prevent fibers from fraying or beads and trims from breaking off.

​Throw Stuff Out

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De-cluttering is the first step to deep cleaning a house. Assign a box or basket to each room and collect all the clutter lying around in it. Each box can then be sorted out into piles to be kept or given away. Donating old clothes, linen, children’s toys etc to charities is a good way to ridding your home of clutter and simultaneously collecting karma points. An important step of de-cluttering a house is to complete the task i.e., when you have kept something aside to be given away ensure that it does not lie around in the house but is actually moved out of your house.

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​Take Care of Your Wood Work

Furniture is often the centerpiece of a room and merely dusting it from time to time isn’t enough to maintain it. The look of wooden furniture can be refreshed with furniture oil or a mixture of equal parts of linseed oil, turpentine, and white vinegar. Spray this oil on a fabric and then rub the cloth along the grain of the wood. If your sofa is upholstered with a wooden frame, mask the upholstered area before treating the wood. Deep cleaning carved furniture can be quite a challenge. Dust that accumulates in the crevices turns into grime with time and can be quite difficult to remove.  Also, pay special attention to areas around handles, drawer pulls, and locks.

A deep cleaned home not only is cleaner to look at and healthier to live in, it also makes your home feel more welcoming to guests. Maintaining a deep cleaning schedule ensures that the house needs lesser repairs and thus lowers the cost of maintenance. It also makes the house a more productive space and boosts creative thinking. If you’re still looking for a reason to deep clean your home, look at the exercise as an alternative to going to the gym – a cleaning workout.

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