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11 interior garden ideas inspired by architects in Bangalore

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Whatever the size of your home might be, a garden is always desired. However, some people do not understand how they can create a garden in a small space. For this, we have created today's ideabook. This ideabook will show you 10 garden designs which can be incorporated into different parts of your home. Besides, you can also adjust the size of the layout to make it more flexible and adaptable.

1. Balcony garden

If you have a long and narrow balcony in your home, then you can incorporate creepers on one side. Since these plants grow vertically they do not take any floor space whatsoever.

2. On the stairs

Another great area where you can add a small garden is your staircase. You can line it with medium or small size planters on one side. This will add the perfect amount of greenery to your home.

3. Entrance garden

A lot of people do not have a lavish porch for their entrance. In case you are in a similar situation, then you can try creating a small side garden. You can incorporate planters on both sides of your walkway so that people feel lively while walking up to your house.

4. Within the house

If you want to incorporate a garden within your home, then there are a number of different ways to do so. One of the most common ways is by using plants that do not require a lot of sunlight. This will make sure that these plants do not die since they are placed inside.

5. Traditional garden

For those of you who have a decent amount of outdoor space, opting for a traditional garden is highly recommended. You can start by laying the grass and then adding a few trees around the corner.

6. Stone garden

Another way to add an interior garden without making it look too messy is by opting for a stone design. You can combine small plants with pebbles to make the area more manageable.

7. Modern garden

You can even make your indoor gardens look modern by creating designs using long planters. For example, in this space, you can see different rows of plants which have been situated on various levels.

8. On the terrace

To create a terrace garden which also acts as your facade, you can try to line plants near the railing. For this, you can use flowers instead of trees, so that, they add a touch of colour to your entrance as well.

9. Touch of green

If you do not want a big garden, then you can also opt for one or two single trees. Here the designer has planted a tree near the staircase, which would otherwise be a dead corner.

10. Full size terrace garden

Lastly, if you want to enjoy a full-size garden in your small apartment, then you can use the terrace space. You can lie on the floor of your terrace with grass or artificial turf as well. Besides, you can also create planters using natural stones like marble to give it a grand look.

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