10 wall design ideas for your terrace

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The terrace is a great addition which gives you ample chance and opportunity to show your creativity and some taste to enhance the style quotient of your homes. The modern terrace can be designed by following a large variety of trends, contemporary ideas and materials. However, it is the wall of the terrace which attracts the attention since it is the first and foremost visible structure of the terrace. Through the walls of the terrace, you can make it a cozy corner with comfortable style, chic and stylish statement piece of your design acumen, or keep it minimalist and close to nature to stay connected with it; it’s up to you to take your pick. Check out the 10 terrace wall ideas we have brought to inspire you. Have a look! 

1. Natural covering on the terrace wall

This terrace breathes and exudes nature and all the natural elements. The wall of the terrace is covered with bamboo sticks with adjacent wall painted in green highlighting the nature and enhancing the beauty of bamboo furniture and bamboo plants in the planters on the terrace.

2. Dazzling terrace wall

Red and black mosaic tiles cover the wall, giving it a dazzling look and feel, and the Disco era is recreated through the lighting falling on the tiles in the long terrace. On one wall metal sculpture is hanging thus breaking the monotony of all mosaic on the terrace wall. 

3. Elegance of simplicity on the terrace wall

The simplicity of the wall is enhancing the elegance of this modern terrace and can bring in cool quotient even in hot and sultry weather. There is nothing flashy here, just a light shade wall with a stencil design cut on it complimented by a few plants and a bench.

4. Artistic touch on the terrace wall

The terrace has stone brick covering the wall with an irregular niche in the middle through which the terrace wall is made colourful with painting on it. The layers on the wall crated by stone brick and plain wall add different dimension to it. 

5. The magical combination of wood, glass and concrete on the terrace wall

The natural warmth of wooden wall broken by the softness of glass doors and windows which culminates on the strong concrete wall has changed the entire décor of the space. 

6. Boho chic style of the terrace through the terrace wall

Terracotta pieces on the wall, colourful vintage windows adding colour on the light shade wall and the mirror reflecting the style; it’s a simple and inexpensive décor on the wall but with powerful impact.

7. Country come alive on the terrace wall

 Rustic and colourful walls running through the terrace with arched openings are inspired by the village homes. Modern twist of this rustic wall is the beautiful tiles in the middle of the wall. The décor of the terrace is kept to compliment and highlight the beauty of the wall. 

8. Layered decoration of the terrace wall

The luxury of having a long wall has been well harnessed by creating layers and then decorating it with simple and beautiful huge framed mural and three metal sculptures on it. The combination of rough grey wall with smooth beige stones fixed on it and spot light fixed above it and flowering plants in the planters is enhancing the classiness of the wall.

9. Composing a symphony on the terrace wall

Simple composition of the concrete wall in the backdrop with elegant wooden planks and three spotlights framed in wooden frames creates magical symphony on the terrace wall with its simplicity and minimalist look. 

10. Green covers on the terrace wall

The family’s love for greenery is quite obvious by the green cover on the terrace wall. This is an excellent idea to imitate, especially in city homes where there is no or little space for a garden. So, create a vertical garden on the terrace wall and enjoy your evenings with family and friends. 

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