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Stunning ways to display your photos at home

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Memories belong to the realm of nostalgia and happy reminiscence. Since so much information is filtered by the brain everyday, some moments aren't precisely engraved in the mind to forge a memory later on. That is when photography comes to the rescue! All homes have pictures of loved ones that hang proudly on the wall. Framed images on a wall or desk, joyful moments or simple reminders of the familiar faces of that are remembered and appreciated can be even more precious than all the gold and money in the world. Every human life on this planet is shared and cherished by the people in their family and circle of friends. There is no better way to honor family and friends than to hang images of them all over the home. Normally pictures can be framed and hung for all to see, but there are cool and different ways to expose the images of cherished people. Here are some ideas to show these special pictures.

Hanging time!

For those who like DIY projects, the following is an wonderful idea that can be accomplished by all, tall and small. It can be hung in any room of the home. What is needed is some glue, a few meters of thread and of course, pictures depicting a meaningful moment. The current picture shows a set of images that have been hung above the headboard of the bed. 

Firstly, the pictures that are horizontal should be put aside together and the rest of the pictures that are in a vertical direction can be placed together as well. Then comes the time to glue horizontal images with enough space between them to create a symmetrical alignment. Within no time you have a beautiful looking backdrop above the headboard of your bed.

Pin it!

SPOD Corridor, hallway & stairsClothes hooks & stands

After printing out some pictures, then comes the question: where to hang them? One way to expose them is to pin them to a board. The image here is a clever way to do so. A board pierced with multiple holes serves a great organiser as well as a display for photos. All that is needed is to put one of the green pins into the board with a picture attached to it. 

When placed in an area that is frequented a lot, it will be easy to have a gleeful glimpse of loved ones. This kind of pinning board can be hung anywhere in the home. Whether it is placed in the hallway, by the stairs, on a dresser in the bedroom or in the living room, it must be a location where they will be in plain sight for all to admire. 

Enlarging and cutting

Everyone has an image that resonates with them, a landscape or a photo of people that a person holds dear. When the selection of the image is made, a great way to display it is by heading to the framing or printing store. Nowadays, any picture can be enlarged, framed and printed on a canvas. 

The image here is an interesting and inventive way to hang a picture of a favourite moment or location. A moment captured on film has been enlarged and cut in several images as shown here. The final result is quite stylish and modern; it gives depth to the picture and it also spruces up the look of the room.

Assorted with the wallpaper

In decorating and home improvement stores, there are several materials that can be used to hang pictures in a new cool way. One of them is decals in rectangular shapes that act as frames to stick on a wallop any other flat surface. The advantage of decals is that they won't damage the wall or rip off a piece of paint. Once placed on the wall, the decal frame can house a picture or two if they fit. This can be done multiple times with more than one decal frame. It will make the room become lively and full of joyful memories.

Another decorating aid can also be found in the wallpaper section. The image here is a great example of how to use a wallpaper to its full potential. Simply put, this wallpaper depicts hundreds of frames of different shapes and sizes which can then accomodate as many photos as one so wishes. The end result is quite striking and imaginative as well as adding a dash of colour to the decor of the room.

Drawn picture

One of the best depiction of family members or a joyous moment is to have it reproduced by an artist. Having a portrait done by a local artist will not only encourage them financially, but also enable them to have their art exposed to more people that may not know their art. A human can capture the energy and love that bonds two people differently than a camera, that is why an artist will be able to render a beautiful painting or drawing of loved ones. The image here is a reproduction of a woman and a baby, probably mother and child. There is something very endearing about the image here because it has been requested because it represents a moment that is of such importance that it should be drawn by an artist and put on paper. For more projects by this artist click the following link of Indian Art Ideas.

Glue them on furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, how about upgrading them with treasured memories? The following dresser is shown with several squares of colour painted on it and hand prints on top of those colourful squares. That is an ingenious idea to ameliorate the outlook of a piece of furniture.

Instead of lively colours and hand prints, there can be several pictures glued one next to each other that can cover the entire piece of furniture or part of it if preferred. Using papier-mâché glue is ideally the best glue for this, but regular glue will do just as fine. The end result will be of a stunning display of loved ones and all the memories they come with.

For more ideas on how to expose pictures click here.

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